Top 20 & Viewer’s Choice Winner of “In Time of COVID19 Video”

The top twenty (20) semi-finalists have been selected by the audience participants on the DingDingTV website on the Sunday 11:59pm June 21, 2020: watch videos here.   

“In time of Covid-19” Viewer’s Choice winner revealed: “Kindness is Contagious by Shawna Wu” got 3050 highest vote.  Audience has picked top 20 finishers from 35 contestants. Please join us on Sunday June 28th 4pm Live Judging Event.

Judges will start to watch top 20 videos from Monday, June 22nd. On Sunday June 28, 2020 @ 4:00 – 6:00pm PST Ding Ding TV will host a ZOOM Event when the Judges will vote on the Prize Winners in REAL TIME with a live audience and in the presence of all the contestants and medias partners.

Contestants and Audience join the live judging, register  here

The top 20 videos are:

Kindness is Contagious by Shawna Wu

Thank You by Sophia Cheng

Sparky the Mask Ambassador by Keyi (Thea) Chang

An essential touch: How nurses become the family of patients with COVID-19 By: Johanes Roselló

COVID 19 Challenge by Gilroy Downtown Business Association

Smile and Say Hello by King Yaw Soon

We are together by Michelle Sun

In the time of COVID-19 by Sooraj Saxena

Catching Love from Abey Lin & Sabrina Lin

COVID 19 and California Community Colleges by Lawrence Su

“In time of COVID-19” Outdoors with Otto Lee

Thanks to Pacifica by Carol Lee Hall

Dusk of Dawn by Ryan Tian

Let’s finish this race together by Moises Cruz Jauregui And Octavio Pulido Carrillo

COVID19 & the iGeneration’s Coming Of Age By Kanchan Naik

Greater than a Pandemic- Hope, Compassion & Community by EM Collective

Time Lapses: A sheltering-in-place short film by Amanda JS Kaufmann

Drew’s Chicken Nuggets How a community rallied to get a 5-year-old his much-needed protein By Snigdha Sen and Archita Mandal

My Prayers in Pandemic by Susan Zhou

Friendships without Borders by Christine Von Raesfeld

Judging Criteria

1) Based on the following 10 points system:

a)    Inspirational and Uplifting Contents – 3 points

b)    Storyline – 3 points

c)    Creativity – 2 points

d)    Production/Technical Skills – 2 points

2) Diverse and distinguished Panel of Chairs and Judges of the “In Time of COVID-19” Video & Essay Contest:

Sandy Chau, JudgeHonorary Chair of the Contest, President of CLUSA

Joel WongChair of the Judges Panel, President 80-20 United

Sandy Close,Judge, Honorary Advisor of the Contest,  American journalist and the founder of Ethnic Media Service

Diana Ding, Chair of the Contest, Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV

Bens Hilaire, Judge of the Contest, CEO & Founder of TooDeep, Host of the popular podcast DreadHead in Tech

Mattie Scariot, Judge of the Contest,  Director of Poppy Jasper International Film Festival

George Koo, Judge of the Contest, Writer of Asia Times

Tony Perkins, Judge of the Contest, Founder & Editor Cryptonite, Creator and former editor-in-chief of Red Herring magazine

Steve Yamaguma, Judge of the Contest, Co-Chair of Silicon Valley Asian Pacific FilmFest

SK Lo, Judge of the Contest, President of Asian American Unity Coalition

Nick Kaspar, Judge of the Contest, President & CEO of Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce

Pragati Grover, Judge of the Contest, Operations Manager of Team4Tech, Saratoga Union School District Board

Sandy Wang, Chair of Partners, Vice President of Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festive


3)    To encourage maximum participation, twenty (20) semi-finalists will be selected by the audience participants on the DingDingTV website by clicking “thumb up” like from: watch videos here

4)    The Panel of Judges will select one (1) First Prize Winner ($3,000), two (2) Second Prize winners ($1,500 each), and three (3) Third Prize winners ($1,000 each) from the twenty (20) semi-finalists as selected by audience.

5)    One (1) Viewer Choice ($1,000) Prize will be awarded to the highest vote getter in addition to the six (6) Judges’ Award.

6)   The decisions of the Judges are final.

In Order to honor the contestants’ continues effort of sharing the video links and promote on their social medias, the top 20 and people’s choice will come out from the average of two time slot: the beginning of June 21st and end of the day.

The following is the voting result on 12:01am Sunday June 21st.





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