“In time of COVID-19”  – A Video & Essay Contest


“In time of COVID-19”  - A Video Essay Contest to tell the Humanistic Stories of the Current Pandemic  Open to all independent journalists, ethnic media, event organizers and civic organization contestants. Submissions are accepted immediately until May 30, 2020. 1st Prize (1 winner: $3,000), 2nd Prize (2 winners: $1,500 each), 3rd Prize (3 winners: $1,000 each). People’s Choice (1 winner: $1000) Contestants should submit a video to be accompanied by an Essay. The video has to be less than one minute in MP4, the essay need to be less than 600 words. All contents should be in English. Submit your presentation to contest@dingdingtv.com

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Judges & Chairs:


Kindness is Contagious by Shawna Wu

In the time of COVID-19 by Sooraj Saxena

An essential touch: How nurses become the family of patients with COVID-19 By: Johanes Roselló

Mask Ambassador Husky by Keyi (Thea) Chang

Greater than a Pandemic- Hope, Compassion & Community by EM Collective

Catching Love from Abey Lin & Sabrina Lin

Lockdown Love by Ritu Marwah

Thank You by Sophia Cheng

In the “Age of the Corona Virus”

May the United Force Be with You By Gina Li

Dusk of Dawn by Ryan Tian

Thanks to Pacifica by Carol Lee Hall

COVID 19 Challenge by Gilroy Downtown Business Association

Quarantine Bucket List By Delarai Chloe Tarwe

Let’s finish this race together by Moises Cruz Jauregui And Octavio Pulido Carrillo

COVID-19 By Josh Ohea

 “In time of COVID-19”  – Video & Essay Contest on the Humanistic Stories of  the Current Pandemic 

Smile and Say Hello by King Yaw Soon

Living La Vida COVID  by Roshn Marwah and Christina Martini

A Mother without Help during a Pandemic

Covid19 by James Dailey

“In time of COVID-19” Outdoors with Otto Lee

The COVID-19 crisis and Its Socio economic Impact globally by Ankit Adhya

A global pandemic – A mysterious virus that made the world stand still yet united!!! by Suchitra Mayuri Devi

Time Lapses: A sheltering-in-place short film by Amanda JS Kaufmann

COVID19 & the iGeneration’s Coming Of Age By Kanchan Naik

Friendships without Borders by Christine Von Raesfeld

COVID 19 and California Community Colleges by Lawrence Su

In time of COVID-19 by Liquan Zheng