In the time of COVID-19 by Sooraj Saxena

You’ll notice with all negative situations; positivity lurks closely behind. With the growing need for empathy & compassion in our world during this COVID-19 pandemic, we’re witnessing stories from every industry of selfless individuals who can connect & show their real character through their actions. We see egos & pride being thrown to the side & superheroes are not your average iron man & superman. Instead, we are woken up to stories of front line workers in the healthcare field, tackling issues that many privileged people do not have to endure. In this video, we explore Nurse Alene Rose & Dr. Aliasgar first-hand experience on the front line fighting the pandemic & how they are injecting positivity through their work. We must remember the people who are risking their lives for us so we can lead to healthier & safer lives.

Nurse Alene Rose shares with us a story about a man who endures COVID 19. A 96-year-old man diagnosed with coronavirus lost his wife to the virus as well. His time admitted to the hospital was faced with desolate isolation away from his family with no way to connect. Alene & her hospital system in Seattle were able to establish a connection with an IPAD so that the man could live his final moments with his loved ones. Alene Rose, like many others, is on the front line aiding people with the changing adaptations we face.

Dr. Aliasgar expresses a situation where an EMS worker had come in with various symptoms & had previously been tested for the coronavirus twice. Results came out negative. The patient was concerned that Ali would treat him like other providers. If he weren’t positive, then he would turn him away. That was not the case, Ali spoke with a hospital specialist & convinced him that something is troubling with him & we should have him stay overnight. Overall, the EMS worker was greatly appreciative of the compassion & effort that Ali showed & displayed on his behalf. These stories highlight the humanistic values that frontline workers must possess to keep positivity high. With great positivity comes driven & fruitful work on the frontlines. We appreciate all our healthcare workers & cheers to a speedy recovery to our Ea


The Above video is one of the entries from “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest”

We believe that the pandemic has generated a treasure trove of interesting stories, valuable and relevant contents about humanity in all its spectrums. Stories about generosity, heroism, kindness and outstanding services to fellow human beings on the other.

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