Friendships without Borders by Christine Von Raesfeld

As a woman, of mixed Asian descent dealing with multiple health conditions, both physical and mental I have always struggled with my identity and self-worth.

Growing up with little emotional support, I found my passion in helping others.   I began to use my negative experiences in a positive way, to help impact change in healthcare.  I was establishing amazing connections and was finally feeling like I mattered.  I had begun traveling and sharing my perspective with people who actually could make a difference, and then covid hit.

As someone who traveled, to find real connections, my world shut down and in the midst of everything else falling apart,  I was recommended to self quarantine. I fell into a deep depression which spiraled downward quick. As someone who is distant from my own family with no children or spouse of my own, for the first time, I felt truly alone.
It was in the depths of that despair when a stranger from the UK reached out to connect and not for any other reason than to just say he cared. From that friendship, spawned an amazing group, rare disease advocates from all over the world who were willing and open to share their experiences and their perspectives.
We formed an amazing bond that we hope can help change the future of healthcare but only time will tell.  With as much negativity that has come out of this pandemic, I am grateful for so many things, and as a society we must try to focus on the positives.  In my public speaking, I often say that I wish something would happen to everyone to make them realize what really matters in life to help us change my perspectives and ultimately change the world. I’m just hoping maybe this is it.

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  1. Christine has been through SO much for SO long, with her chronic illnesses. She is an amazing person who has found positives despite the challenges each day. That says a lot and it is an inspiration!


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