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Silicon Valley Forum and workshop Video Studio with lighting and sound system ideal for professional Livestream
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** This building is 4000sf, rentable area is a 2,100sf professional video studio in Santa Clara, which is perfect for any meetings, Startup pitching, Product demos, small seminars, meet-ups, Concerts,  birthday parties, Small Weddings, Baby showers, special family events, panel discussions, portrait sessions, product shoots, fashion shoots, creative projects, Hybrid Meetings, and the best possible video and photo content.   Find us on Google map

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Silicon Valley Events & Parties TV Studio with lighting and sound system

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We are in downtown Santa Clara, near Santa Clara Square. We have quick access to freeways, and around the corner are restaurants, cafes, and Whole Foods. The studio features an industrial vibe with high ceilings and plain white walls.

Two restrooms are sanitized daily. Our studio is easily accessible. There are over a hundred free parking spaces close by in the quiet industry park.

**Booked rental time includes setup and tear-down. It must be a minimum of 4 hours. Overtime is charged at 1.5x hourly.

The studio must be returned to the exact condition you found it in, and teardown time is included in your rental, so please book accordingly. Please treat our studio as if it were your own. We understand that things happen, so if anything breaks during your rental period, please let us know immediately so we can help. There may be a replacement fee for damaged equipment/props. If your project requires more than 80 people present in the studio at the same time there will be a +$10/person surcharge.

See below for what is and isn’t included in your rental. You are welcome to Add-Ons or bring your own equipment if you prefer as long as you protect the gear that is here.

Contact: 669-899-1252

*Basic Stage Lighting (Not open the control room)
*1~2 speakers with one wired microphone
*Fifteen 6 Feet folding table
*Two 8 F Long Table
*90 black chairs
*One Podium
*100+ Background hooks on the ceiling track for your signs or decoration
*1 Extension cords
*6 Sandbags
*Stepstool 1
*Cart 1
*8 panel and interview chairs
*Steamers (handheld)
*Wi-Fi for organizer only
*Coffee maker with 5~10 bullets
*Refrigerator use during the event, (Early delivery of food and drink will have an extra charge)
*2 Restrooms
*100+ Free parking on the space without numbers (Parking on the numbered space is $10/car)

Hourly rate applies to our regular business hours. Depending on your inquiry, you may be charged at one of the rates below: (Call:408-396-2601 during the Pandemic, Control Room and storage room are not included)

– $149/hour for Weekday event studio rental. 
– $225/hour for Weekends and Holidays event studio rental.
– $100/hour control room renting without technicians. ($500/hour with 2 technicians)
– $150 Cleaning and set up fee/event
– 40% OFF as an in-kind donation for non-profit organizations’ studio rental for a minimum of 4 hours if you have Ding Ding TV as a co-organizer or Partner.
– Over 100 free parking inside the business park around the building (Not including the spaces with numbers)

(You can only apply one discount for 4 hours and up to get a 20% discount. An Extra 30 minutes will be charged as an hour; an Extra 5 minutes equals 30 minutes.)

The backyard space is available for rent at a flat fee of $200 for an outdoor event for over 800 people. However, the rental does not include the tent, chairs, and tables and must be arranged with the Ding Ding TV studio.

Are you a community volunteer & social media influencer?
Are you a non-profit organization?
Does your event benefit the Asian American community?
You might be qualified for an opportunity to use our studio for free by turning your event into Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley to benefit more diverse communities and having Ding Ding TV as one of the organizers. we’ll promote before and after the event, videotape the event, and be one of the moderators, and our team will work together. 
Please fill out this form to apply, we’ll evaluate it and get back to you. 
We’ll check the qualifications and get back to you.


Location IconWiFi    Location IconTables     Location IconProjector   Location IconScreen     Location IconFlip Charts   Location IconWhiteboard
Location IconRestrooms   Location IconWheelchair Accessible   Location IconParking Space(s)
100 Chairs,    One 100′ TV Screen,    15 Long Tables, a Podium,   Remote Control, a Sound System of 2 speakers and 1 microphone,
Stage,   Basic Stage Lighting

COVID-19 Community Safety Notes + Measures: We are committed to providing a healthy and safe space for creatives to rent. Therefore, we are cleaning and sanitizing our space before/after every rental to ensure the safety of our community. We ask that you please wash your hands (20 seconds) upon entering the space. We will provide a disinfectant station in our bathroom that includes soap, disposable paper towels, hand sanitizer, and disposable gloves. We no longer require vaccinated guests to wear face-covering.

*Videotaping with 3 HD cameras and Tricaster video switching plus banners creation with 4
*professionals and technicians working on site. 2~4 microphones. Live Stream with high-speed internet
*Photo shooting 100 photos plus professional touch for 10 pictures per event.
*A/V Technician
* HD Video Camera rental with tripod and cables (6 available)
*Wireless Microphone rental (6 available)
*Cleaning fee each day
*Various fabrics including green, red, white, and black
*Medium concrete texture by Photo Surfaces – Minimum 4 hours per day, Less than 4 hours $149/hour *

*Items are subject to change, please contact us if you have questions about specific items. If a prop is damaged or used up there may be a replacement fee.

*Note: Video and Photo Price

– $500/hour Videotaping with 3 HD cameras, Tricaster, 4 Microphones, control room, and 2 technicians working onsite
– $250/hour Photo shooting with a photographer, Start with 2 hours. 100 photos plus professional touch for 10 pictures per event.
– $250/hour Professional Audio Recording with professional Microphones, and 1 technician working onsite
– $100 each/day HD Video Camera rental with tripod and cables (6 available)
– $50 per/day Microphone rental (8 available)
– The space is available for rent daily from 8 am to 11 pm.
– Rents for other special time periods will increase by 500%.

General Rules
• No loud music before 6 pm on weekdays
• No smoking inside
• All rentals include setup and tear-down time. Please do set up and clean up by yourself.
• Trash should be placed in the bins and the host will take care of the rest
• The front door must be locked upon departure from the space; please use the lock box and key code provided
• Do not be responsible for personal belongings loss or body injuries.
• If stays beyond the length of time allocated in the booking, 150% of the hourly rate will be charged for overtime at time-and-a-half.
• No pets
• Minimum 2 hours in one day
• Do not open from 11pm~8am



• No smoking • All rentals include setup and tear-down time. Please inquire for details about staffing • Furniture can only be moved by the host upon request • Trash should be placed in the bins and the host will take care of the rest • Front door must be locked upon departure from the space; please use lock box and key code provided • Do not responsible for personal belongings loss or attendees body injury. • If stays beyond the length of time allocated in the booking, 150% of the hourly rate will be charged for overtime at time-and-a-half. • Holidays add 100% of hourly rate • No pets • Minimum 4 hours per day.


1. Do you have black backdrops or another color for us to borrow, how much?
Yes, besides green, we have black and red.

2. What are the windows like? How can natural light be controlled?
There is no natural light. It’s bright all the time.

3. Can you hear neighbors?
No, you won’t. This is an individual office building in an industrial park, not a residential

4. Are you on a busy street?
No, it’s inside a quiet Industry Park

5. Any noise from appliances or AC?
There is a very small noise when turning on the AC

6. Can you tell me the size of your green screen?
The size of the green screen can be 9 feet tall and 16 to 20 feet wide.

7. Are there ways to rig lights on the ceiling?
Yes, there are several tracks on the ceiling, we have lighting installed there.

8. Is your green screen pre-lit?
No, but we can pre-hung it with a $150/hour labor charge. You can choose to hang it yourself without extra cost.

9. How large is the room where the green screen is?
Around 1500 sf.

10. Do you provide any type of lighting?
Yes, See the pictures.

11. Can I see a list of lights that you have?
Here is the link where you can see our lighting, it’s in the pictures: http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=24211

12. Can you describe the sound situation in that space and the surrounding neighborhood?
It’s a quiet place inside an industry park. Neighbors are mostly tech companies.

13. Is there a loading zone? Does the entrance require a ramp?
There is a loading zone. There is no ramp.

14. What is the power rating of the space? How many outlets? Where are they? Where is the circuit breaker?
There are 16 outlets around every wall and on stage.
Circuit Breaker is on the wall near the back door

15. Can furniture be removed from the building? Can wall decorations be removed?
Furniture can only be removed by staff by request.
Wall decorations can be replaced.

16. Where can I park my car? Is parking free?
You can park your car in front of the building or nearby. There are 100+ free parking spaces in the park. Please make sure you park in the spaces without numbers.

17. What would be the rate for using equipment and lighting?
If you use professional lighting and equipment, will be $500/hour.

18. Can you give me Directions to your space, building access, door buzzers, floors, stairs/elevator access, etc.?
We are located inside Koll Oakmead Park, 3350 Scott Blvd., Building 54, Santa Clara. It is a safe and easy spot with enough free parking. We will open the door for you 20 minutes before your booking time. You can use our back door to easily load your gear.

19. Should I pick up the key somewhere or will there be people at the place?
We will be there to open the door for you 20 minutes ahead of time.

20. Are there any speaker systems?
Yes, we have 2 speakers and 1 free wired microphone for you to use.

21. We want to use our laptop to connect to the TV. Is there an HDML cable, or do we need to bring our own?
There is an HDML cable connected to the TV and your Laptop, just bring your laptop. Let us know ahead of time if you bring Apple Laptop, we’ll prepare a switcher.

22. Can I use your printer to print some documents?
Yes, It’s a $100 flat fee to use Samsung Xpress M2835DW Mono Laser Printer, with 100 papers and one black ink package

23. Can I have more Microphones?
Yes, It’s $50/Each rental Shure Wireless Dual Vocal System with PG58 Handheld Transmitters

If you have any questions, please call Amy @  669-899-1252 or Email info@dingdingtv.com


Other service options (Price may be according to the needs)

a) Event Promotion: Promote your event to 20,000 Silicon Valley tech and entrepreneur communities through email subscribers and 100,000 followers on Facebook, YouTube, and WeChat channels.

b) Social Media and influencer database distribution:
A network of 100+ American news sites
SEO “Do-Follow” Links make finding your press release in the search engine easier.

c) Event video service, Live Stream, Audio Recording, Video trailer
Creating short film trailers can be an effective and relatively low-cost way of spreading the word about events.
A two-minute trailer can quickly and succinctly summarize the themes and issues being addressed during a conference or workshop while being visually interesting and compelling. It is also the perfect opportunity to provide your audience with practical information, such as dates and locations, and emphasize your organization’s logo or brand.





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