Thank You by Sophia Cheng

Name: Sophia Cheng

Age: 13

School: Pinewood School

Essay Title: Thank You!

Essay Text:

Ever since the day COVID-19 began to spread across the news and the world, fear and panic have taken over all our minds: will I lose my job? Is my family okay? How can I support them? We’ve all suffered from the pandemic in some way, whether it was physically or emotionally. As a young Chinese female living in Silicon Valley, I’ve been privileged enough not to have to bear the crushing weight of despair and prejudice that millions across the world are feeling, but I wanted to use this incredible opportunity to make something that will hopefully resonate with people everywhere. With the help of my friends, I’ve created a short video to thank the essential frontline workers who go to work every day with no promise of making it back safely—the people who risk everything to make the world a better, safer place.

Making the video itself was a simple and efficient task. I knew that I wanted people from all over the world to be able to understand the overarching theme, so I asked my friends, many of whom are multilingual, to record themselves saying “thank you” in different languages: a simple, two-word message, repeated until it was etched vividly into viewers’ minds. For the visual aspect of my project, I chose several photos of frontline workers in action and used them in my video. However, I wanted the last few images to coincide with my message, so I found two photos of homemade thank you notes to carry out my idea.

I hope that when people watch this video, they are reminded of the immense sacrifices our essential workers must take to help the rest of us live a little easier. I hope that any frontline workers watching can know that we appreciate them, and we salute them for all they are doing for the preservation of the human race.


The Above video is one of the entries from “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest”

We believe that the pandemic has generated a treasure trove of interesting stories, valuable and relevant contents about humanity in all its spectrums. Stories about generosity, heroism, kindness and outstanding services to fellow human beings on the other.

Ding Ding TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Voice of Asian Americans) , CLUSA  together with 16 partners presented “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest” bringing these stories to our community and simultaneously acknowledge and honor their creators.

The contestant should read and follow the Contest Rulers published on May 10th 2020 from following link:


The contestant acknowledge Rule 5, 6

5)    If background music and other visual, verbal and sound (reference) material are used from internet, the contestant must possess copyrights or have explicit permission to use such  material(s).

6)    By entering this contest, the contestants will have given DingDingTV and Contest Partners explicit permission to distribute the video widely on media channels, the internet and social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, WhatApp, WeChat, twitter….etc. 

Comment (3)

  1. 看了Sophia. CHeng的文章很感动!她只有13岁,但她有思想,懂得感恩,她写这篇文章体现了社会责任感。这场疫情让她感到恐慌,但她看到仍有那么多人继续工作,她被感动,她非常想通过文章向他们说谢谢!并且用全世界各种语言的谢谢来表达!我们也感谢可爱的Sophia来自一个孩子的爱心!

  2. Brave and lovely girl! She is only13years old.but she can write such a moved article and make such a touching video!She knows to be grateful to those who have contributed to the epidemic!

  3. I am deeply moved by Sophia’s article and video! Though she is only 13 years old, She can edit such a powerful video and organize the students to participate in it She writes at a high level and appreciates those who contribute to the epidemic!Good job, Great girl!


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