Catching Love from Abey Lin & Sabrina Lin

  1. 6Abey and Sabrina Lin –  “In time of COVID-19” Essay Submission

In the past few months, fear and prejudice has been on the rise due to the Novel Coronavirus. From disgusted glares to sudden isolation, I have tasted my own serving of racism. As an Asian American, I feel passionate about starting a different trend. Utilizing our background in art, my sister and I gathered people of distinct backgrounds to create a short film addressing this pressing issue. We wanted to showcase the beauty of bringing together people of all different backgrounds and lifestyles. This project is a reminder that humanity and love is a common thread, surpassing color and culture. It is 1 minute long; 60 seconds that will reverse the swelling wave of bigotry and xenophobia.

The entire filming process was extremely efficient and precise. With few resources and materials, we had to be incredibly innovative in order to produce this film. By utilizing items found around the house, we were able to construct a professional set. When we were coming up with the script “I am human, I am not a virus, we are all human”, we knew we wanted it to be concise and memorable. The most important thing is that the words resonate with viewers, and they finish the video with the message echoing in their minds. Additionally, we felt that it would be far more powerful to structure the entire script so that the emphasis would be on the positive.

The response to our film was overwhelmingly positive. “Catching Love” reached 17 different countries, including the United States, China, Italy, France, Canada, Brazil, and many more. Moreover, the film was covered and featured on national television on FOX 2 News and all its affiliates, and several other news sources, including The Daily Californian, SFGate, MSN.com, and various other news organizations that all shared and supported the film. Most recently, one of the largest digital media corporations in the world, Adobe, created a feature advertisement about Sabrina and I and our film “Catching Love”, which has already been shared with a quarter of a million people in its first day.

The biggest take away is the human story of love and community. In this crucial moment, the bond between people is being tested by fear and hate. We have to remember our similarities. This virus is far more than a physical threat. It questions the perseverance of humanity in the face of an unpredictable menace. It challenges your ability to love and trust those around you. Fear and paranoia are natural human traits, but so are empathy and camaraderie. I think as one species fighting this virus, we are infinitely stronger together.


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