Greater than a Pandemic- Hope, Compassion & Community by EM Collective

When our hearts are away from each other for too long, fear and anxiety sets in. Fear and anxiety becomes a placeholder for what our true selves.

With the rise of Covid-19, we have seen countries, schools, and businesses come to a screeching halt. The economic and health breakdown has left much of the country asking what is next? The inaction and actions that were taken by those we trust only revealed the capacity of humanity is like at our worst and our best. And with that, we are forced to come face to face with a few important truths about ourselves.

In a country that measures success by the metrics of GDP and economic gains, we are taught to value human lives as contributions to dollar signs. In combination of the shelter in place orders, we are further pushed away and into isolation. When we are pushed to isolation and the only measurement of success is in the forms of economics, we are no longer human beings, but rather humans doing what they are told and putting a price on our worth, as if we could easily be sold.

However what lies beyond these challenges are our real strengths and those strengths lie in the ability to create hope, act out of compassion, and come together through our most difficult times.

People in our communities will always have the freedom to choose to stay in despair or choose hope, compassion, and community. In our community, we have leaders who have chosen the latter. The fear of being infected with Covid-19 falls second to preparation and courage to see each other as humans in need.

There have been stories of those who chose to collect and deliver donations to the most vulnerable, underserved, and even marginalized. When our community realized where authority has failed, they chose to serve with the resources and resourcefulness they possessed. They created personal protective equipment for our healthcare workers. It is hope and compassion that allows us to come together as a community.

There have been a lot of reasons why we should have succumbed to the worst parts of our humanity, but despite all of this, we have seen our community reach out to each other’s heart. Even in periods of mandated isolation, we still found a way to reach to the better parts of humanity: hope, compassion, and community.


The Above video is one of the entries from “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest”

We believe that the pandemic has generated a treasure trove of interesting stories, valuable and relevant contents about humanity in all its spectrums. Stories about generosity, heroism, kindness and outstanding services to fellow human beings on the other.

Ding Ding TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Voice of Asian Americans) , CLUSA  together with 16 partners presented “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest” bringing these stories to our community and simultaneously acknowledge and honor their creators.

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The contestant acknowledge Rule 5, 6

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