Let’s finish this race together by Moises Cruz Jauregui And Octavio Pulido Carrillo

rLet’s finish this race together!

COVID19 is challenging our strengths as a community. However, each of us as individuals has their own story. This situation may be comparable with a race. Each of us is looking to finish this race as we can. The principal strength came from ourselves as individuals, but it is particularly important the help of those who are close to us.

In the XXI century we are facing a reality that can may be overwhelming. We do not have dominion over the world, and once we understand that we have so much to learn and our actions will change not only our present, those actions will change for better or worse the present and future of others. That’s why each one of us have a choice The first one is to try to get through this alone, which would be impossible, or the second one, which is to take advantage of the strengths and resources that we have as a community, to fight more strongly against COVID-19.

In this context, we wanted to develop this video as a project that encourages us to turn to and accept the help of others, or that encourages us to share the resources of those who can access the most benefits.

This race represents the effort of each of us, and the elements provided, the help of those who are close to us. Let’s finish this together!


The Above video is one of the entries from “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest”

We believe that the pandemic has generated a treasure trove of interesting stories, valuable and relevant contents about humanity in all its spectrums. Stories about generosity, heroism, kindness and outstanding services to fellow human beings on the other.

Ding Ding TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Voice of Asian Americans) , CLUSA  together with 16 partners presented “In Time of COVID19 Video & Essay Contest” bringing these stories to our community and simultaneously acknowledge and honor their creators.

The contestant should read and follow the Contest Rulers published on May 10th 2020 from following link:


The contestant acknowledge Rule 5, 6

5)    If background music and other visual, verbal and sound (reference) material are used from internet, the contestant must possess copyrights or have explicit permission to use such  material(s).

6)    By entering this contest, the contestants will have given DingDingTV and Contest Partners explicit permission to distribute the video widely on media channels, the internet and social media sites such as Youtube, Facebook, WhatApp, WeChat, twitter….etc. 


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