Ding Ding TV report – Bay Area FBI Community Briefings Roundtable – San Mateo

In response to the recent community outreach efforts of the FBI and the US Attorney’s office, in partnership with the Asian American Foundation (TAAF) and our federal, state, and local law enforcement partners, the San Mateo City Mayor and Police Chief hosted a San Mateo Roundtable, presented by the FBI on September 11 in partnership with CLUSA, TAAF, and SFCAUSE. We picked this date because 9/11 has a special meaning to all Americans regarding public safety and hate crime.

OBJECTIVES of the San Mateo Roundtable:

As part of the Bay Area community outreach effort, the SM roundtable aims to:

Provide the Federal & regional perspectives from the FBI on Public Safety
Build trust and relationships by reaching out to San Mateo Community & faith-based leaders
Provide a mutual listening opportunity with follow-up actions.

The roundtable format will feature selected public safety topics presented by the FBI, followed by a facilitated open dialogue in a roundtable discussion.

Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA)
The Asian American Foundation (TAAF)
San Francisco Community Alliance For Unity, Safety, and Education (SFCAUSE)

San Mateo City Mayor, Amourence Lee
San Mateo Police Chief, Ed Barberini

FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation-San Francisco


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