Tony Shyu’s The Race Epidemic is airing on PBS

Ding Ding TV started the partnership with Hollywood Award-winning Filmmaker Tony Shyu in 2022 to produce a documentary film “The Builders of Silicon Dream”, the stories about Silicon Valley Asian American Pioneers. A DOCUMENTARY Film directed by Tony Shyu, and co-produced by Diana WeiPing Ding, Executive produced by Dr. Ken Fong.

For the first time in history, a film about how Asian American pioneer entrepreneurs have helped build Silicon Valley and made it the innovative tech capital of the world. Their building of biotech, venture capital, to semiconductor chips will continue to benefit our daily lives, from creating jobs and curing cancer to strengthening military defense technology.

Tony’s previous film The Race Epidemic documentary has been awarded the prestigious Golden Angel for “Best Documentary” at the 17th annual Chinese American Film Festival. Top 10 features are selected and awarded with the Golden Angel, named after the City of Los Angeles. This year there were over 600 selected films from U.S. and China competing and The Race Epidemic was chosen as one of the top 10 awarded films.

THE RACE EPIDEMIC examines another outbreak that intensified during the COVID-19 pandemic: racism against Asian Americans. Amid an increasingly politicized pandemic, growing public unease, and a former president repeatedly using the term “Chinese Virus,” the country saw a sharp rise in harassment, attacks, and hate incidents against Asian Americans.

Through interviews with authors, elected Asian American leaders, political consultants and others, the documentary examines how the lack of Asian American Pacific Islander representation impacted business leadership roles, entertainment, media and American politics. It also highlights how people of color in leadership roles benefit communities, especially younger generations, on both the local and national levels. By telling these stories, THE RACE EPIDEMIC seeks to open a dialogue on how the United States can take concrete steps toward overcoming hate and discrimination.

Watch The Race Epidemic on PBS (351 telecast, and 41 states. New York, LA, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, Huston, Boston…. The potential audience are 237,173,80).

San Francisco now have 9 showings and Sacramento 2 showings:

KPJKDT 9/5/2023 8:00 PM Prime Time San Francisco
KRCBDT 9/21/2023 8:00 PM Prime Time  San Francisco
KRCBDT 9/22/2023 1:00 AM Late Fringe San Francisco
KQEDDT3 9/23/2023 6:00 PM Early Fringe  San Francisco
KQEDDT3 9/23/2023 10:00 PM Prime Time San Francisco
KQEHDT3 9/23/2023 6:00 PM Early Fringe  San Francisco
KQEHDT3 9/23/2023 10:00 PM Prime Time  San Francisco
KQEHDT5 9/23/2023 6:00 PM Early  San Francisco
KQEHDT5 9/23/2023 10:00 PM Prime Time San Francisco
KVIEDT3 9/23/2023 6:00 PM Early Fringe Sacramento
KVIEDT3 9/23/2023 10:00 PM Prime Time Sacramento

Interview with Tony Syhu in Chinese


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