Press Conference Calling For NO Referendum & NO Lawsuit

Hung Wei Organizes Press Conference With Support From Cupertino City Council & California Assemblymember Evan Low.

Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV has been following the story of Vallco Mall since 2015.  Recently the City Council of Cupertino approved to build a new civic center at Vallco. However, Better Cupertino immediately announced that they were going to sue and/or petition for a referendum to stop the center from being built.  Doing so would invalidate the time and money invested into making the decision. Collaborative Cupertino has created a Change.com petition for residents and supporters to vote and support.   On September 24th, a press conference was called by Hung Wei, Fremont High School District Board Member, to support Cupertino City Council’s decision on Vallco Specific Plan, calling Cupertino residents to work collaboratively in designing a beneficial Civic Center at Vallco.  Over 100 Cupertino residents as well as reporters attended this conference.

Ding Ding TV interview Peter Pau in 2016,principal at Sand Hill Property company :   Click to watch

Hung Wei, Fremont High School District Board Member


Evan Low, California State Assemblymember (D-28)


Savita Vaidhyanathan, Mayor of Cupertino


Orrin Mahoney, former mayor of Cupertino



For more information regarding Vallco Mall, refer to our previous Ding Ding TV press release below:

What’s Happening to Vallco Mall?

Previously, Ding Ding TV also held a series of panel discussions in regards to what Cupertino should do to Vallco Shopping Mall.  Below are links to those discussions.


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