How Should Future Leaders Work Together As A Team?

How Does Jose Esteves Think Future Leaders

Should Work Together As A Team?

In a previous Civic Leadership Forum hosted by Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV, former Milpitas Mayor Jose Esteves was featured in a panel discussion about how the next generation of leaders can work better as a team. This panel was moderated by the president of the Fremont Unified School District, Yang Shao.
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About Jose Esteves

Jose Esteves has built a strong record of successes in Milpitas, making it a great place to live and to do business. During his tenure and under his leadership, numerous projects have been initiated to ensure city residents have an excellent quality of life–a new library, new market rate and affordable housing, new Senior housing, a county medical clinic, a revitalized Town Center, the relocation of several Fortune 500 companies into the City, and many others. His commitment to fiscal responsibility has resulted in a City in excellent financial condition, the financial strength to move forward with Downtown development, and a record of fighting against uncontrolled expenditures.
Jose Esteves served three terms as Mayor of Milpitas, California, a city with a population of over 70,000 people located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Milpitas’ diverse population (Caucasian, Vietnamese, Filipino, Indian, Hispanic, and many others) has provided Jose with a unique platform to listen to and understand the needs of many groups of citizens and residents.
As a member of the Milpitas City Council for almost 10 years, 6 of which was as Mayor, Jose Esteves has been able to accomplish many positive things for Milpitas and its residents:
  • Improved the quality of life and helped make Milpitas a great place to live and to work
  • Established strong relations between the Council and the Milpitas Unified School District
  • Helped to make Milpitas a safe, clean, and environmentally sensitive community
  • Demonstrated fiscal responsibility by helping Milpitas achieve a AA funds rating and keeping the city on a strong financial footing
  • Completed the magnificent Milpitas Public Library and its parking building on budget and on schedule (occupancy permit issued by the City in November, 2008)
Jose is campaigning again for Milpitas Mayor for this year’s midterm election to bring back his previous successes in Milpitas –fiscal responsibility, and maximizing City services.
source: http://www.smartvoter.org/2010/11/02/ca/scl/vote/esteves_j/bio.html


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