CEDC Media Ownership Diversity Symposium – Show me the money: Access to capital, investors and ad dollars for diverse entrepreneurs

On February 7th, Diana Ding was a part of the Federal Communications Commission symposium hosted by its Communications Equity and Diversity Council “Expanding Digital and Media Ownership Opportunities for Women and Minorities.”

The goal was to explore the challenges as well as possible creative solutions to increasing ownership opportunities for women and people of color to achieve success and viewpoint diversity in all facets of media – TV, radio, cable, and streaming.

Panel 3: Show Me the Money: Access to Capital, Investors and Ad Dollars for Diverse Entrepreneurs


Caroline Beasley, (CEO, Beasley Media Group, LLC)


Diana WP Ding, (Founder and CEO Ding Ding TV)

Rejon Thomas-Ferdinand, (Vice President, Publicis Media)

Niles Stewart, (Vice President and Northeast Director, Lendistry Financial)

Stephanie Valencia, (Executive Chair of the Board, Latino Media Network)


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