Leveraging Media for Asian American cause

Leveraging Media for the Asian American cause

AAUC  Podcast series, “Building Our Collective American Dream”.  Nov 28 (21 min 38 sec)

Episode Description
In this November episode, we focus on our ethnic media and how it helps shape our collective American Dream. What makes up ethnic media? What work do they do? How does it help build a better future for our community? We are very fortunate today to have three distinguished guests, Ms. Diana Ding, founder of DDTV in the Silicon Valley. Mr. Steven Lu, founder of Asian Media Access located in Minneapolis, and Ms. Emma Wu, who is managing media relations and communication for the Committee of 100. They will be shared with us their unique perspectives on the subject from their vastly different backgrounds.

Listen to the Podcast from the following link:


  • How we can leverage media and entertainment to unify our narrative
  • How can ethnic media influence the mainstream media
  • How COVID 19 and the current geopolitics affect the ethnic media
  • How does the general trend of viewership changes affect ethnic media
  • Where is ethnic media heading?
  • What do we have to do to support ethnic media
  • What collaboration plan is in place to strengthen our voice


Diana Ding and Ding Ding TV, the founder, and CEO of Silicon Valley Community Media and  Ding Ding TV. Ding Ding TV is the voice of Silicon Valley Asian Americans, we are not only a media that has been dedicated to building community with content and connections, but we have also been working closely with multicultural communities organizing and co-presenting hundreds of events that related to technology, innovations, civic leadership, culture and arts in the past 12 years. We love to work with other medias and content creators. Please feel free to contact us for the event’s partnership and use of our studio as the event venue.


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