Together we come back stronger From the bitterness of winter (Beautiful Video)

Together we come back stronger From the bitterness of Winter

“Mask Ballet” represents a stoic spirit and vitality. It encourages us to face difficulties and challenges with a positive attitude. Never give up, even in adversity.

Ballet performance is graceful and enjoyable while ballet dancers practice hard with painstaking efforts. It’s also true for technologies. The road to success is full of hardships and stones. Only through continuous efforts can we create value for our families and society.


Shanghai Ballet dancers keep practicing, getting prepared for the moment of returning to the stage. For more than 30 years, Huawei perseveres in a consistent and determined investment into information and communication technologies no matter what the circumstances are. Both of them focus on their respective domains, and their spiritual connotations are highly consistent.

The “Mask Ballet “mentality is not confined to ballet dancing. During the pandemic, many people hold on to their responsibilities. Show respect to them: doctors, nurses, police officers and more…

The hard times will be over sooner or later, and we look forward to the day when curtains rise. We can enjoy the graceful “Swan Lake” together again.




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