Stop Asian Hate Crimes, What we can do together? Where to find help?  


Civic Leadership Forum – Anti-Asian Hate Crimes, what media and community can do to stop it?

Join us at Clubhouse

Asian Americans have been targeted by racism, xenophobia and acts of violence related to COVID-19.  Hate crimes against Asian Americans have been steadily increasing during the pandemic.  Stop AAPI Hate said it recorded nearly 3800 anti-Asian hate incidents between March 19, 2020 to February 28, 2021. Recently Atlanta spa shootings, 8 dead, most victims are Asian. It’s not only Asian, it’s the problem to all ethnic minorities. 

How to identify hate crimes? What we can do together? Where to find help?  

On March 18th Thursday 3pm, Silicon Valley Innovation Channel – Ding Ding TV, CLUSA, India Currents, EM Collective will organize an event on CLUBHOUSE to discuss how can media, community, and law enforcement work together; What we can do and where to find the resource. This discussion will be Livestream on Youtube reach to potentially thousands of people.

We are holding this open conversation to demand immediate, actionable change through legislation and media to protect Asian Americans, spread awareness about recent events, educate others on the history of Asian American representation, and give actionable for the media and the community to help.

Besides media influencers,  speakers include political leaders, police officers, sin0r centers and China Town representatives.

Please join us at Clubhouse on Thursday 18th, 3pm.

Join us at Clubhouse


3:00-3:10pm     Greeting from Organizers ( Diana, Anthony Ng, Vandana, Jenni)

3:10-3:15pm      Speakers’ intro by Diana

Keith Koo, Radio host, Angle Investor
Evan Low, Assemblymember of California
Yang Shao, Councilmember of Fremont
Otto Lee, Santa Clara County Supervisor, District 3
Sandy Chau, Chairman of CLUSA
Sujin Nam, Korea American Artist
Rich Saito,
Martin Martinez, Latino American worship leader
Mahesh Nihalani, Community Director of Priya Living
Hong Hguyen-Phuong, Vietnamese American Community Leader
Gilbert Wong, Former Mayor of Cupertino
Angelene Superable, Special Assistant and Briefing Director, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, Founder and Executive Director of New York Pan-Asian Democrats
Wayne Lee, Former Mayor of Millbrae
Yan Zhao, Mayor of Saratoga
Ruby Luo, Certified Psychologist
Don Sun, Staff from Andrew Yang’s Office
Yvonne Yifan Chiao, Bayarea Lawer
Suzanne Lee Chan, Former Vice Mayor of Fremont
Sophia Kao, Saratoga Union School Board
Joel Wong, Advisors, APAPA (Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association)

4:10-4:20pm      Q&A

4:20-4:30pm      Wrap up by Sandy Chau


Presented by: Ding Ding TV, CLUSA, India Currents, EM Collective,


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