David Tsang, a renowned Chinese American venture capitalist and philanthropist, passed away

David Tsang, a renowned Chinese American venture capitalist and philanthropist, passed away

By Wesley Zhang

David Tsang is remembered for his dedication, fraternity, outstanding contribution to promoting the status of Asians in the United States.

David Tsang , an internationally recognized expert in the semiconductor industry, the co-founder of Acorn Campus, the founder and chairman of Acorn Technology, died of lung cancer at 11 am on January 11, 2021, at the age of 79.  David, born in Liaoning, China, was one of the most successful pioneering Chinese American entrepreneurs in the United States.  David also devoted himself to public welfare.  He founded AAMA (Asia America MultiTechnology Association) and Vision New American. He devoted himself to Shin Shin Education Foundation, Alliance for Preserving the Truth of the Sino-Japanese War, and many non-profit organizations.  He unwaveringly upheld justices and helped Chinese Americans integrating into the mainstream of American society.

Sandy Chau, his long-time friend and partner of Acorn Campus, recalled: “ David helped many entrepreneurs. Together, we founded AAMA. I am fortunate to follow in his footsteps at Acorn Campus, learning not to give up during difficult situations. I have become a better version of myself today because of him.”

In 2014, David recorded several lectures at Ding Ding TV to impart his business wisdom to entrepreneurs: he explained how to develop market-oriented products, co-manage, co-share, co-exist, co-prosper. He said: “Entrepreneurship cannot be a solo business. It must be teamwork. You can only succeed in a team and by having the same goals.”  His simple entrepreneurial wisdom inspired many entrepreneurs.

In 2001, David became the chairman of Shin Shin Educational Foundation.  Under his leadership, the foundation expanded from 20 schools in 2001 to 169 schools in 2004.   He and his wife, Cathy Tsang, personally funded 15 schools.

David Tsang is no longer with us, but his spirit will always remain with us.  His honesty, love, sincerity, and tenacity will continue to inspire generations of Chinese Americans to realize their American Dreams.


The Day When Acorn Campus was founded

Dave Tsang and his wife, Cathy Tsang

David Tsang, Cathy Tsang and their friends:

David is at Shin Shin Educational Foundation Annual Conference

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  1. David Tsang was a true mentor to the Chinese American community. Through out his life he worked for the good of future generations to strive towards making this a better world of opportunity for all. I mourn for the loss of this true role model for our community.


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