Education for the Future–the Mission of Harmony Plus Inc.

As a leading student-centered Ed-tech company headquartered in Mountain View, Ca, Harmony Plus upgrades education and empowers students through future planning service, enrichment programs and extracurricular activities that they are have fun, friends, and better future, whether they are online or offline.

Bill Zhao

Founder of Harmony Plus Inc

US-China Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley

Adjunct Professor of Nankai University

Program designer for UC Berkeley


Nankai University 


Bill Zhao is the Founder of Harmony Plus Inc. He has a deep understanding of both Eastern and Western culture and a strong sense of mission to education.
Mr. Zhao has provided consulting and training services regarding enterprise transformation and innovation to the executives of world well-known companies and institutions, such as Alibaba, Netease, GE, OPPO, UC Berkeley, San Jose Unified School District.
Recent years, he has personally driven the cooperative programs with world-renowned universities such as Cambridge, Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Auburn, Nyenrode, SJTU, building the bridge between China and world’s quality education resources.
In 2014, together with his partners, he deeply involved into consulting services of ‘Redesign the Education 2.0’ to 30 principals and vice principals in San Jose Unified School District.
From 2015, Mr. Zhao has developed series of youth education programs together with UC Berkeley. Those programs has changed the growing path of many teenagers and brought them huge development.
In 2019, launched strategy of localization, through B2B2C & Hybrid Learning Model, successfully achieved recognitions from schools and school districts in USA with ELPAC & FEC as popular programs.
In 2020, officially won the core partner identification of Berkeley Global.
During the pandemic, his leadership inspired his team and


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