Story about a foster cat and my cat by Jiayi

Hello I am Jiayi. I am 9 years old and go to Sutter Elementary School.

My story is about how a foster cat gets along with my cat. Due to the pandemic, my mom’s friend couldn’t bring her cat with her to China, so she let us take care of it. We also had a cat, and it’s a calico.

The first few days were fine. The cats avoided each other, and just stared. But the next week, they started fighting. They weren’t that aggressive, but they fought. Then, a month later, the real drama began. They were more aggressive and bit and scratched each other. But now, they’re best friends; they sleep, eat, play and cuddle together.

Comment (2)

  1. That’s really funny and sweet. I also like the background music, matching with the story very well. Nice job 👍🏻

  2. Thanks for posting the encouners of the two cats! That is so typical of feliines since they are very “territorial”…so glad that after a month, they finally decided to become friends! Thank YOU for not giving up on them, and good luck!!!


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