A Different Angle by Ethan Cheng

I’m Ethan Cheng, 15 years old, a sophomore at Santa Clara High School.

I decided to use animation to express my story. The world has been devastated by the pandemic and with cases soaring globally, and health officials worldwide have mandated shelter-in-place protocols. Unable to venture outside, I decided to help out my community by teaching classes varying from theatre to Chinese and piano.

I was lucky to walk through the tough road the pandemic has paved for me and my 20 students. I also started an organization focused on bringing more variety of volunteer opportunities to teens. During the pandemic, I also discovered my passion for screenwriting. The pandemic has also led us to discover hobbies we never knew we had interest in. It is very well agreed the pandemic has provided a new window for us to view the world and ourselves.

Comment (39)

  1. Such positive and refreshing views. This video is a reminder that in the worst of times, we can find a way to make a good choice for ourselves and our community. It’s great to know that teenagers can make it happen.

  2. Great job Ethan! Your story is so inspiring and it encourages a lot of us to look at pandamic in a totally different way. Keep doing what you do, it will make the world a better place


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