I Love San Leandro by Alvin

Hello! My name is Alvin. I am 13 years old.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, medical workers have worked so hard! I know the pandemic is hard for all of us, distance learning, local lockdowns, restaurants closing, many people losing jobs….. Even though the virus is still here, there is still hope. Volunteers around my neighborhood have opened online classes for children in elementary school though junior high in high school.

They have been teaching Computer Science, Math, Writing, Reading, etc. They have been working so hard even through this hard time! I, myself, love doing performances. Unfortunately, because of the pandemic, I can’t go to the elderly center and other places to perform. Even because of the virus, I have attended multiple music concerts to spread hope and love to my community. Volunteers also made masks and helped the local food bank to pass out food.

There is still love in the world!

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