Shine4Love Senior Center Show by Alicia Peng

Video submitted by Alicia Peng, age 14, from Shine4Love Teens Club:

COVID-19 is difficult for everyone, especially the elderly at senior centers. They can’t meet their family or their friends in their complex and spend each day in their own rooms. And this year, we can’t visit the elderly for in-person performances. Meet Celine, she has been performing at senior centers since she was three years old. Watch as she talks about the changes in her experiences performing for the elderly. There are many children like Celine, who have been performing at senior centers for the past several years. So that’s when Shine4Love Teens Club decided to organize online video performances for the elderly. We compiled 4 video performances of children and their talents and sent them to 7 nursing homes. Over 50 performers participated. The seniors enjoyed our shows. We are glad we can bring joy in these harsh and difficult times.


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