Unity Makes Community by Sunny Huang and Alex Xu

Video submitted by Sunny Huang and Alex Xu, ages 15:

The Wellness Center at Saratoga High School runs preventative mental health programs for its students. However, because of the pandemic, the Center suffered a budget cut. To sustain the wonderful programs, Innovart Foundation organized three fresh vegetable and fruit sales to raise funds for it.

Innovart first reached out to a farm produce provider, who agreed to drive fresh produce to the school. The Foundation then sent out and collected order forms online.

On the pick-up day, Sunny Huang from Saratoga High, and Alex Xu from Lynbrook High, volunteered to help with unloading, sales, and clean-up. Buyers each chipped in small donations on top of their regular fee to offer help. Small bills add up to assist a bigger cause. The Wellness Center later used part of the donations for a Wellness Monday.

Fundraising turned out to be an effective way to help the community.

Comment (9)

  1. Thumbs up for Sunny Huang on her multiple fruit sale fund raising efforts, especially during covid where the logistics are particularly challenging. They really did a wonderful job organizing it effectively, spending hours under the scorching sun a lot of the times. Good job 👏

  2. This fundraiser idea is unique: it benefits the community by providing fresh fruits and veggies; it supports the school obviously; and it supports local farmers.

  3. Wow, great video, and tag line, “Unity Makes Community.” Your narration is clear, easy to understand, and the fruit looks fresh and delicious! I want some!

  4. Not only is the community service work remarkable, but the video production is professional, withcredible live footage and clear outline. Kudos for the outstanding job! outstanding job!

  5. This project addresses mental health, one of the most important areas of concern for school-age children nowadays. Very thoughtful and distinctive indeed!


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