Living La Vida COVID  by Roshn Marwah and Christina Martini

Living La Vida COVID 

by Roshn Marwah and Christina Martini

Often things that are meant to divide us end up making us more united. Quarantine has given us the time to become more connected to our friends, family, traditions, and ourselves.

In a global society, it can be hard to find time to speak and play games with buddies and loved ones across many time zones. By forcing us to stay at home and slow down our crazy schedules, COVID enabled us to set up group hangouts and leverage technology to feel like we are just a click away from being in each other’s living rooms. Whether it is playing Pictionary with old college roommates across the US, laughing with family members scattered across the world, or a puppy meeting a new friend for the first-time quarantine has allowed us the time to take a step back and connect with those we love. Our family has stayed upbeat and in touch by holding a series of weekly competitions ranging from presenting PowerPoints on new crazy topics to performing choreographed dances to Elvis Presley classics.

This is also a great time to learn and grow by building or enhancing your current skill set. In addition to the already expansive options for online learning, many prestigious universities turned to offering free online courses during this pandemic. This coupled with thoughtful birthday gifts such as masterclass subscriptions has enabled us to free our minds and continue to foster intellectual growth. All of those books that we had wished we had time to sink our teeth into are now available to be consumed, along with the family histories we wished we had documented, and the traditional family recipes that we never had time to make. By taking a step back we are able to open up a door to a whole new world of connection.

Connection has not only been fueled by increased interaction in the digital space, but also in the home. No longer are we passing by our family and roommates like ships in the night, shuttling from one activity to another, and sitting alone in our rooms. Family time has become a shared experience whether we are playing boardgames and cards, doing major remodels, or just sinking our teeth into the latest roaring success from Netflix. It feels like we have been able to hit pause and come together at home like never before.

Ultimately, we are all anxious for the world to reopen so we can reignite our busy lives and enjoy our favorite lunch place across from the office, but until then we will continue to stay home, stay safe, and have fun never forgetting how lucky we are to have each other and a safe place to call home.


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