Quarantine Bucket List By Delarai Chloe Tarwe

Quarantine Bucket List

Hi, I am  Delarai Chloe Tarwe, I am ten years old, and I am the cofounder of Chef Koochooloo, an educational platform for kids.

Yes, yes, I am just a kid, but that doesn’t mean I can’t write a good essay, after all, I have already launched a company.

I know the Coronavirus can be annoying, and I am so sad about all of the people around the world who are impacted by it.

But my dad always says we have to look at the  positive side of things, so here is a happy fact for you: New York researchers have found a 50% drop in carbon monoxide levels. And I am so happy that our planet is getting a little break from all of the damage we were causing it on a daily basis.

Also I have noticed, kindness and community-mindedness are spiking.  We had introvert neighbors who would not even open their door on Halloween, (nor leave us candies outside of their door), but now they are peeking their head out of the widow and waving hello to my sister and I when we go for walks!

Abandoned pets all over the country are now overjoyed with all of the well deserved attention they are getting from their human families.

Now here is my advise:

Think of  all the fun things you have wanted to do in your life that you could not find time to do, make a list. “Your Coronavirus bucket list” and get started on checking it off.

Like my father,  if you were always travelling for work, and wished you could spend more time with your family, here is your chance at last.

We were trying  to teach my little sister how to ride a bike without training wheels, for months, (I mean come on, she was already 5, and it was becoming embarrassing) and we finally found the time and patience to teach her.  My mother has been wishing she knew how to play chess, ever since she was little, but it looked so difficult to her that she was intimated. But we finally found some quiet time where I insisted to teacher her, and she already beat me at our first official game.

If you are a kid reading this, take a hint, now is your chance to ask for all of those toys your parents usually say “No” to. For instance, I have been asking my parents for a Skateboard, for two years, and with the parks closed, my mom finally decided this could be a good way for me to blow off some steam. I also convinced my dad to buy my mom a thermomix for mother’s day, (selfish motives behind) I can’t wait to start making homemade ice cream every day!

Remember to enjoy these precious moments with family. I know your younger siblings or kids can really annoy you when you have to spend so much time with them, but

now is the time to be specially kind to others. Remember to tell your family you love them, play their favorite games, help each other with homework and house cleaning.  If you have a neighbor who plays an instrument, enjoy the free concerts and be sure to send them compliments. If you have an elderly neighbor, teach them how to use facetime or Whatsapp video, so they can talk to their grandkids, (but of course be sure to stand 6 feet apart).

Wishing you a very happy quarantine.


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