I am COVID-19 By Uchenna Faumuina-Eze

I am COVID-19

By Uchenna Faumuina-Eze

COVID-19 has become the new norm in fact the word Coronavirus is permanently embedded into the new Laws and Doctrine that will be created from this day forth. This pandemic has allowed a rose to grow from the concrete and it also allowed light to shine even when darkness was upon us. I am very fortunate because I am comfortable with time and feel the need to always embrace it when given an opportunity.

Discernment; Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary Defines it as the power to see what is not evident to the average mind. As we all witnessed pandemonium; empty shelves in grocery stores, no toiletry items, food being limited if not scarce, family members being cut off from one another not being able to see your elderly parents or grandparents, the thought of having a mask on daily, and not being able to say goodbye to loved ones in their final hours.

The destructive impact of income inequality and disparities in health care is now plainly visible. We have an opportunity to focus on the common good and build a more humane society. We can use this crisis as an opportunity to better our communities, and if we don’t we will have failed ourselves for the last time. Second chances are scarce in times like these so if you’re presented with one don’t waste it.

The post-COVID world offers a new outlook with endless possibilities, including a ground up reorganized set of priorities and engagement for all of humanity. From this moment in time and moving forward, I can learn more fully what kind of person I want to be in this new world. I have started with myself and family and plan to bring in this new era with service and learning. Going into my community and engaging with the my fellow citizens. I see a rainbow after the rain, from the healing of our earth to our families and bringing the focal point back into the home.

Now we have the opportunity to plant our seeds and grow our gardens, we will need the entire community to water and nurture what we harvest.

I am COVID-19! We are COVID-19! Together, we will Rise!

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