Ding Ding TV interviews Shi Yongxin, Abbot, Shaolin Temple, and the 13th successor

On Nov. 4th, Shaolin Temple USA hosted 16th Anniversary Celebration Open House at the Fremont Culture Center.

The celebration included a Buddhist Prayer Ceremony presided by Abbott Yongxin with the theme harmony, peace, and sustainable future for all. It also included Shaolin Warrior Monks performance and Kung Fu recital performed by the Shaolin Temple USA students.

Diana Ding interviewed the Venerable Shi Yongxin, Abbott of Shaolin Temple, China.

Shi Yongxin is the current abbot of the Shaolin Temple. He is the thirteenth successor after Shi Xingzheng. At the age of 22, he became the heir-apparent to the abbotship of Shaolin. A Dharma gathering was held between August 19 and 20, 1999, in the Shaolin Monastery, Songshan, China, for Yongxin to formally take the position of the abbot. He is the Chairman of the Henan Province Buddhists Association, Vice Chairman of the Buddhist Association of China, and a representative of the Ninth National People’s Congress.


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