Diana WeiPing Ding receives TALHero Award

On November 20th, World Kindness Day, Diana WeiPing Ding received TALHeroTM Award.

At the TalHero Award ceremony, Diana said:

I want to thank to the TAL Foundation. This award belongs to the community and to the people who have been working with me for over a decade. Thank you for believing in our dreams to bring Asian Americans together and tell our stories and contribute to our country. All of us belong right here!

Touch-A-Life Foundation is a registered 501 non-profit organization founded on the principle that helping others is good for society. They leverage technologies such as blockchain, AI, social media and mobile applications to connect those in need, with those willing to give. Learn more about TALHero Awards.

This year’s award winners include Diana WeiPing Ding, Dr. Nilima Sabharwal, Ravi Puli, Tie Silicon Valley, Hunger Mitao, The Edward Boss Prado Foundation, Christopher Ranch, Marich Confectionery, and Guglielmo Winery.




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