Is it safe to vaccinate our children against COVID-19? 您孩子打COVID-19疫苗危险吗?

  • In the United States, over 12 million children have become ill with COVID-19. Over 122,000 children have been hospitalized with COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic and over 1,400 have died.
  • Roughly 6 million children and teens in California have been infected with COVID-19. There have been more than 6,500 pediatric hospitalizations in our state since July of last year, and we have lost 38 young lives since the start of the pandemic.


  • Today’s conversation is intended to answer some very important questions and address any concerns you may have about the vaccine.
  • Healthy children with no pre-existing conditions can have severe COVID-19, too. In fact, almost half of children younger than 18 years hospitalized with COVID-19 have no underlying conditions.
  • During the Omicron period, 63% of children under 5 years and 30% of children 5-11 years hospitalized with COVID-19 did not have any underlying conditions.

Today with the help of the California Department of Public Health we organize the online “Community Dialog” for our parents and neighbors, raising awareness of COVID-19 vaccinations。 Hope our younger generations will be protected from the virus. Today’s event will be mainly in Chinese

This event was organized by Silicon Valley Community Media and Ding Ding TV and the California Department of Public Health.

In the last 14 years, Ding Ding TV has been the voice of Silicon Valley Asian Americans, last year, we registered our 501c3 organization Silicon Valley Community Media, the non-profit extension of Ding Ding TV. Use media and communication to bridge the Asian Americans and ethnic communities in the BayArea and United States. Telling Asian American stories to the United States and beyond.



全美国有12000万,加州有160万少年儿童感染新冠病毒, 今天我们特别邀请到

主办:加州公共卫生局, California Dept. of Public Health, 硅谷媒体中心-丁丁电视Silicon Valley Community Media, Ding Ding TV

协办:Bay Coding Club, BAYouth Initiative

Speakers: 加州公共卫生局疫苗工作组传播主任Yurina Melara Valiulis博士 Dr. Yurina Melara, Multi-Ethnic Press Secretary, California Department of Public Health (CDPH)

Dr. Fan Dali 范大立医生 1989 年毕业于北京大学医学部(原北京医科大学)。 1996 年在爱因斯坦医学院 获得博士学位 1999 年取得内科医师职业资格证书,2002 年取得心血管专科医师职业资格证书; 2010 年加入加州大学戴维斯医学中心, 目前是加州大学戴维斯医学中心临床科学教授 范大立教授2020-2022年担任北加州华人医生协会主席 。范大立教授《加州的疫情和疫苗》

Liyan Zhao 公众号《北美养娃那些事儿》创办人

Ruby Yiru Sun,从事教育的创业家Bay Coding Club 创办人 President of Bay Coding Club

Joseph Shan, BAYouth Initiative Co-Founder, Junior of Lynbrook •

Today’s conversation is intended to answer some very important questions and address any concerns you may have about the vaccine.

1) Some people say that COVID-19 is like the flu, so why get our kids vaccinated if it’s just like the flu?

2) We know that there are two questions that parents ask frequently is if the vaccine can cause heart damage in boys and whether it could harm the fertility of my children?

3) Is the vaccine harmful to kids?

4) Will the symptoms of the vaccine will hurt my child?

5) One myth out there is that “My kid already got COVID-19, so they don’t need the vaccine,” Is that true? Is it better to vaccinate our kids?


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