iChina, New American Chinese dining, Opened in Santa Clara on Aug. 18, 2021

iChina Restaurant had its grand opening on Aug.18, 2021, Ding Ding TV hosted the ceremony.

iChina in Valley Fair Mall is A destination for New American Chinese dining, set the standard for modern Chinese food in the region. It’s not only a dining place, it’s the display of art and culture between east and west. Every detail of the restaurant is designed to provide a unique experience that honors Chinese traditional culture in a modern context to embrace the diversity in our community.

The 300-seat restaurant will serve contemporary interpretations of classic Chinese dishes, like broccoli beef made with kobe ribeye steak. Chef Eddie Lam, formerly of San Francisco’s Crystal Jade and San Jose’s Straits, says he is positioning iChina in the same category of Bay Area high-end Chinese restaurants like Empress by Boon and China Live in San Francisco.

Like those restaurants, it’s as much about impressing with the dining experience as the food. A luxurious two-story space, iChina comes with a flashy cocktail bar, virtual reality dining room with its own tasting menu and enormous, custom jade-colored lanterns hanging over marble tables.

2021年8月18日,IChina 中餐馆进驻Westfield Valley Fair 购物中心并举办了开幕仪式,中国驻旧金山领馆总领事王东华、Santa Clara 市长Lisa Gillmor、Saratoga市长赵嬿、 Daly City 市长Juslyn Manalo及Councilmentber Raymond Buenaventura、Milpitas副市长Carmen Montano及Councilmentber Evelyn Chua、 Fremont市长 Lily Mei及副市长邵阳、San Jose副市长Chappie Jones、San Mateo County Supervisor Dave Canpe、American TeoChew Foundation Louis Lam等政商各界嘉宾出席了开幕仪式,IChina执行长Eiko Bao、中国驻旧金山总领馆王东华总领事、Santa Clara 市长Lisa Gillmor、American TeoChew Foundation 创办人Louis Lam携在场所有嘉宾为IChina剪彩祝贺。

iChina 将精致的中国餐饮理念带到美国,餐厅的每一个细节都旨在提供一种在现代环境中尊重中国文化和传统的奢华体验,从精緻的室内装饰到卓越的服务,再到精心策划的菜单,每一个元素都营造出世界一流的用餐氛围。新美式中式烹饪理念连接了东西方文化,保持传统风味的完整性,同时提供精彩的重新诠释。


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