Power of We–Highlights for 2020 National Civic Leadership Forum

Welcome to 2020 National Civic Leadership Forum. The theme of the Forum is: AAPI Unity: The Power of We!

Organized by AAUC and CLUSA and co-sponsored by over 20 civic organizations, 2020 NCLF was successfully conducted between 9/12-2020. More than 160 speakers, representing over 230 organizations and 18 AAPI ethnic groups, presented 27 dynamic, informational, and insightful learning sessions. Together with the opening and closing ceremonies, awards ceremony, ethnic cooking demos and cultural diversity shows.

Main theme: AAPI Unity – The Power of We

  • We are diverse
  • We are compassionate
  • We are empowered
  • We are the future

Purpose & goal: To create a community platform for all AAPI organizations and leaders to interact, to work together, to learn from each other and to build trust so that our community will be strong via UNITY. With the “Power of We”, we will be able to make a difference in 2020 and beyond.

Basis: The 2020 NCLF virtual community platform is built on the grassroots, bottom-up submission of ideas and proposals. The ownership of 2020 NCLF platform belongs to our diverse multi-cultural groups covering seven or more ethnicities that provided the content and delivery of the event sessions.

Program includes:

  • Learning opportunities: Keynotes, Speeches, Panels, Workshops, Polls, Q&A
  • Celebration of Community Events: Awards Ceremony,
  • Diverse cultural experiences: Food, Performing Arts,
  • Networking opportunities: Community Board, Meet ups, Competitions,
  • Community marketplace: Joint Auctions, Exhibition Hall, Sponsor Booths.


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