Fighting Against the Virus (抗疫)by Michelle Ahl

My name is Michelle Ahl, I am 12 years old, I go to Central Middle School in San Carlos.

This video “Fighting Against the Virus(抗疫)” talks about how when the pandemic started.

We were kept at home, we couldn’t go to school and there wasn’t much to do. I started to lose hope in the world returning to normal soon. I decided to get my act together, and be like a soldier and fight against the virus. I continued to practice dance, piano, drawing, and playing basketball at home. I also helped the community by donating surgical masks. Even though we are in a pandemic that doesn’t mean I can’t continue to learn new things, and fulfill my dream! The virus isn’t over yet, so let’s continue!

I hope you like this video! Thank you!

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  1. I think the main character, Michelle Ahl, has done a terrific job with this video! She really has great energy, and talent!


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