DingDingTV 3rd Youth Community Ambassadors Communication Training

DingDingTV 3rd Youth Community Ambassadors Training

COVID-19 has been affecting different people in different ways. For students, many have had to experience the large shift to online learning. Without social activities, kids’ mental and emotional health and day to day living are affected. Lately, the skill of online communication has become more and more important. How can you communicate through the screen with more confidence?The Youth Community Ambassador training class, co-organized by Silicon Valley innovation channel DingDing TV (http://www.dingdingtv.com/), which has more than 200,000 readers in the Bay Area, and the Bay Area Youth Initiative -BAYouth (https://bayouth.org/), has been building the platform and channel for young people to connect with our community. After receiving formal training from DingDing TV, which has over 20 years of media planning and hosting experience, youths had the opportunity to conduct formal interviews with the winners of the “In Time of COVID 19” video contest hosted by DingDingTV.

You may watch the interview videos below:
DingDing TV leads students to interview the first prize winner:
DingDing TV leads students to interview the second prize winner:
DingDing TV leads students to interview the third prize winner:

Feedback from parents:
“Thank you for giving the children this opportunity. I am really satisfied with the internship program, and it surpassed my expectations. Thank you very much for your hard work!”

“Writing articles and holding media interviews are very different. How do you keep guests on topic, how do you make the guests cooperate, avoid the cold moments, ask difficult but meaningful questions, bring back the conversation to the main subject when it goes off topic; my daughter got all of these skills from the training. Those concepts are difficult to teach if you do not have more than ten years of media experience and experience relating to all kids of scenarios. Thank you very much for your professional planning, teaching and provide follow-up internship opportunities. Thank you again!“

The 3rd Youth Community Ambassadors training is coming!

Date: 9/30/2020 to 10/21/2020.
Time: Wednesdays 9/30/2020, 10/7/2020, 10/14/2020 5-7PM PT (8-10PM ET).
Format: Zoom. During this class, students will interview each other, and the teacher will review each of them.
Language: English
Age: 12-17 years old. Enrollment of 10 students only.

The topics of the training include:
• Interactions with people through Zoom; the three elements of hosting, interacting, and communicating with people.
• Trainings on voice, posture, and expression.
• How to start and end a conversation, preparing before an interview, flexibility during the interview, and how to end the interview.
• How to overcome barriers in interpersonal communication and interactions; how to fluidly communicate with people.
• Using positive and independent thinking, turn around the disadvantages or frustrations of an interview, and bring the conversation back on topic.
• How to express yourself concisely, focus on the subject, and be smooth and confident.

After the training, DingDing TV will provide an internship interview opportunity for the students.

All the trainees will receive the “Youth Community Ambassador” certificate jointly issued by the Silicon Valley Innovation Channel DingDing TV and the Bay Area Youth Initiative. For future DingDingTV Internship opportunities, all the trainees will have first priority.

Students participating in the training will become members of the Bay Area Youth Initiative and be youth ambassadors of their community. Youth community ambassadors will interview and report on various activities in their own communities, and their work will have the opportunity to be published on DingDing TV.

Cost: $300, please use PayPal and direct it to: dianadwp@yahoo.com. Please indicate the name of the tuition fee and the name of the student when paying.

Introduction of Diana Ding:

She is a Silicon Valley media entrepreneur, Asian American Hero, Business development & Operations Leader Specializing In Innovative Media Meets Smart Marketing. Enjoys leading multitalented high performance teams in producing creative content. Highly effective networker and “lean start up” practitioner.

1) Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV,1st Chinese American Internet TV, Content and connection for Global Entrepreneurs.
2) Founder and president on Silicon Valley Innovation Channel, a hub, bridge and platform for US-China business relations.
3) Award-winning and innovative Program Director, radio and television personality.
4) Co-founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Food & Art Festival.
5) Co-founder and CEO of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival.
6) Host and producer of <Innovation Dialog>, interviewed 500+ world leading Innovators,
7) Founder and producer of <Battle Silicon>, 1st start-up reality show in Silicon Valley, connects startups with VCs.
8) 20+ years of management experience in High tech and media companies, 10+ years of producers, publisher, director and host.

Register Here to join the trainingshorturl.at/etI25


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