Diana Weiping Ding

Diana Weiping Ding, Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV

Silicon Valley Chinese American media entrepreneur, highly effective networker and practitioner. 20 years’ experience working with both Asia and US companies on PR and marketing. Founder & CEO of Silicon Valley Innovation Channel — Ding Ding TV, has been focused on creating positive impact in Asian American entrepreneurs Community through contents and events for more than 10 years. She started Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival in 2016. In 5 years, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival has become one of the largest international conferences held annually that focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship in Silicon Valley.

Working with Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce, Diana started Silicon Valley Business Forum in 2018 for business owners to share the information of doing business in Silicon Valley.  She organized Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley 4 times a year for over 3 years, empower Asian American communities, to create a national network of civic-minded organizations and leaders and work in unity.

Diana is an Award-winning and innovative Program Director, radio and television personality. The Host and producer of <​Innovation Dialog>, interview 500+ world leading Innovators. Diana Ding has been awarded as Asian American Hero by Santa Clara County.  She is very active in Silicon Valley Community, has been serving in Cupertino Rotary Club since 2010, serves as the board member of Santa Clara Chamber of Commerce 2013~2020, and was elected as the president of US China Chamber of Commerce on Jan. 2019.

2006: Awarded as Asian American Hero from Santa Clara County.
2012: Honored as the most distinguished TV show from N. California Chinese Media Association. Innovation Dialog
2013: Honored as the best TV show from N. California Chinese Media Association. Battle Silicon
2005: Honored as Best Radio Program from N. California Chinese Media Association. Amazing Diana
2003: Won first prize SingTao Chinese Radio DJ competition.


Ding Ding TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel,)is the first Chinese American Internet TV and Voice of Asian Americans in Silicon Valley, focus on content and connection for Asian Americans and global entrepreneurs. Ding Ding TV has been positioned as a hub, bridge and platform for Asia-China business relations. Ding Ding TV started and co-presented Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival, Silicon Valley Food & Art Festival. Branding show Innovation Dialog and Battle Silicon are the trustworthy branding for High Tech professionals and innovators in Silicon Valley and all over the world. Ding Ding TV has created 20000+ videos, connected 10,000+ companies, video reported 1000+ events, worked with 300+ Medias, traveled to 50+ cities. Ding Ding TV content delivered to 200 million audiences globally.

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