“COMMUNITY SPOTLIGHT ” in the “We are compassionate” track in NCLF 2020

2020 National Civic Leadership Forum Closing Ceremony on September 20

The participants of the 2020 NCLF will feature more than 10 ethnic groups and over 100 AAPI leaders from across the country as speakers and participants in dozens of workshops, panels, and keynote speeches. AAUC is excited to offer an online exhibition hall, online auction, cultural performances, and cooking demonstrations by famous Asian chefs. Confirmed guests include Andrew Yang, former presidential candidate; Ro Khanna, US Representative (CA); Ty Bledsoe, Assistant Vice President – External & Legislative Affairs at a Fortune 10 Company; Sean Do, award winning author, Jennifer Carnahan, Chairwoman for the Republican Party of Minnesota; Evan Low, California State Assembly member; and more.

With the theme of “Community Spotlights”, the 2020 NCLF Closing Ceremony on September 20, 2020 will feature the stories and voices of “The Power of WE”


  1. Congress-member Ro Khanna, Lloyd Doggett, US Representative /Congressman (TX),  Carol  Moon Goldberg – President, League of Women Voters (CA)Keynote speeches;
  2. In Time of COVID-19 video stories by Competition Winning filmmakers
  3. Next generations Asian Americans stories Essay reading
  4. Original compassionate Music “Consolation” by award-winning musician Phil Young, Clara Yang, Daming Li; http://www.dingdingtv.com/?p=62933
  5. Community Leaders Joint Statement and press conference

The Closing Ceremony will also feature Diverse Content Creators, Ethnic media, Community Leaders, and Next Generation Americans. It will also highlight Asian American’s contribution; tell their compassionate stories during the pandemic with videos and music; make the statement of commitment for our bright future.

Please register to join us on Sep. 20th 1~3:30pm : https://whova.com/web/nclf_202009/

“If you want to go far, fly together,” said CLUSA Executive Director Anthony Ng. The 2020 NCLF welcomes all AAPI individuals and organizations as well as non-AAPI allies, corporations, policymakers, elected officials, and community members to attend, connect, and build solidarity.


AAPI Community Matters

A Joint Statement  September 20, 2020

The 2020 election is a historical moment for the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Our rapidly increasing share of the electorate, collective economic impact, and professional and civic achievements present a powerful, unparalleled opportunity for political engagement. Our vote matters.

Our vote matters to future generations. We must advocate for the common interests of the AAPI community, allied with other minorities, to build our collective American dream.

Our vote matters to the well-being of all Americans. America is strengthened by multicultural diversity when all ethnicities partake in our democracy. We have the obligation and privilege to shape the future of this nation with our unique contribution.

We celebrate our diversities while uniting under a common goal: increasing AAPI voter turnout and census participation, holding ourselves accountable and being counted. We pledge to reach out to our relatives, friends, organizations, and community to participate in the 2020 census and election at all levels of government.

Representation Matters! AAPI Vote Matters!



2020 National Civic Leadership Forum Closing Ceremony Agenda

August 20,2020   1pm-3:30pm PT / 3:30PM-6:30PM ET

Award Ceremony  

The stories of “The Power of WE”

  • In Time of COVID-19 video stories by Contest Winning diverse filmmakers
  • Next generations Asian Americans stories Essay reading

“In time of COVID-19”  – A Video Essay Contest to tell the Humanistic Stories of the Current Pandemic  Open to all independent journalists, ethnic media, event organizers and civic organization contestants.

12:55pm                      Play Trailer

1:00pm                        Welcome and introduce the activities by Moderator, Amrita Singh

1:02pm                        Introduction by Joel Wong, Judge Chair of Contest

1:07pm                        Award Presenting by Sandy Close, Founder of Ethnic Media Services (Share certificates)

1:10pm                        3rd Place and Viewers’ Choice


Introduce “Catching Love” by (Jason Shan)

Play Catching Love from Abey Lin & Sabrina Lin

Sabrina Lin Acceptance Speech


Introduce “Greater than a Pandemic-Hope, Compassion & Community” by (Ellen Zhang)

Play Greater than a Pandemic- Hope, Compassion & Community by EM Collective

David Acceptance Speech

Introduce “Friendships without Borders” by (Josephson Shan)

Play Friendships without Borders by Christine Von Raesfeld

Christine Von Raesfeld Acceptance Speech


Introduces “Kindness is Contagious” by (Michael Shen)

Play Kindness is Contagious by Shawna Wu

Shawna Wu Acceptance Speech


1:20pm                        2nd Place

Introduces “Sparky the Mask Ambassador” by (Esther Zhu)

Play Sparky the Mask Ambassador by Keyi (Thea) Chang

Keyi Chang Acceptance Speech


Introduces “COVID 19 Challenge” by (Harold Wang)

Play COVID 19 Challenge by Gilroy Downtown Business Association

Garry Acceptance Speech


1:25pm                        1st Place

Introduce “Smile and Say Hello” by (Caitlin Sheng )

Play Smile and Say Hello by King Yaw Soon

King Yaw Soon Acceptance Speech


“Next Generational Asian American essay reading” Contest Award


1:30pm                        Introduction by Xiaoyan Zhang

Reading Essay

1:45pm                        Award Ceremony Closing Remarks and artists intro by Diana Ding

Original Compassionate Music
·     “Consolation” by award-winning musician Phil Young, Clara Yang, Daming Li

1:50pm                        Innovation Dialog with Artists

Moderator: Amrita Signh

Guest: Phil Young, Composer

Clara Yang, Piano

Daming LI, Cello

1:55pm                        Play the music

Community Leaders Speak out  on “The Power of We”

2:00pm                        Paly Trailer

2:05pm                        Summarize and Recognition by Dr. SK Lo, President of AAUC

2:15pm                        Speaker introduction by Chelsea Zhang, Moderator

2:17pm                        Keynote Speech by Ro Khanna, US Representative/Congressman (California)

2:32pm                        Speaker introduction by Chelsea Zhang, Moderator

2:33pm                        Keynote Speech by Lloyd Doggett, US Representative /Congressman (TX)

2:48pm                        Speaker introduction by Chelsea Zhang, Moderator

2:49pm                        Keynote Speech by Carol  Moon Goldberg – President, League of Women Voters (CA)

The voices of  “The Power of WE”
Joint Statement Press Conference

3:04pm                        Welcome the Medias by Diana Ding, Founder of Ding Ding TV

3:06pm                        Introduce and Read the statement by Xiaoyan Zhang, AAUC public relations committee chair.

3:09pm                        Joint Statement Announcement

3:25pm                        Closing Speech by Sandy Chau, Founder of CLUSA

3:30pm                        Group Pictures & End

In the darkness, We bring the lights to each other
Someday we lost, We find the way together.
Nothing can stop The Power of We
— Diana Ding



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