Pavan Raj Gowda Keynote Speech – CLUSA Civic Leadership Forum 7/13/18

Keynote Speaker: Pavan Raj Gowda – Founder of Green Kids Now Inc.
Moderator: Vijay Rajvaidya – Managing Director at India Currents
Ever since he was young, Pavan Raj Gowda has been heavily involved in his community. Now 18 years old, Pavan has already written two books (both are available on Amazon), and founded his own non-profit organization: Green Kids Now Inc. The goal of his organization is to bring kids from around to world to share experience and take care of the environment through STEM areas (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). At Ding Ding TV’s 3rd Civic Leadership Forum of 2018, Pavan shared his experiences as a climate leader in his community and encouraged the audience to do the same in order for the world to be a better as well as cleaner place for future generations.


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