Chinese Community Donated N95 Masks to Silicon Valley Police Department

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic in the Silicon Valley, the American TeoChew Foundation and the American Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce donated 500 N95 masks to support the community.

The Chief of The Danville Police, Allan Shuen, said, “We are very fortunate that we have these N95 masks, which is what first responders and our community using to keep safe during this time, so I’d like the give a special thanks to the American TeoChew Foundation, the American Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, and our Chinese American community. Everybody, let’s keep banding together and do what we could do to flat the curve.”

The Danville City Council Member, New Arnerich, was here as well to witness the donation and showing the thankfulness.

The chairman of the American Shenzhen Chamber of Commerce, Louise Lam said, we are here to support the police and fire department in Danville, Livermore, and San Ramon for their hardworking.


Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Diana Ding Reported


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