Update on Acquisition – County of Santa Clara Takes Big Step To Help Homeless Veterans

On November 27, 2023 the County of Santa completed the closing and transfer of the property and veterans housing facility at 10 Kirk Avenue, San José. The County now fully owns this location!


As American families celebrate Veterans Day, local and state officials from Santa Clara County are celebrating a big step to end veteran homelessness by acquiring the Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility, HVEHF, in San José. Ahead of Veterans Day weekend, County Supervisor Otto Lee will gather officials and veterans to celebrate closing on the purchase of this facility.

“The County of Santa Clara cares about our veterans and the acquisition of this site is a key step in making sure every veteran has housing,” proclaimed Supervisor Lee. “Homelessness continues to be our greatest challenge, but knowing those who served our nation are unhoused is heartbreaking – and why this matter is such a high priority.”

The County Board of Supervisors approved purchase of this site on September 19, 2023 in an effort to enhance a core resource for the more than 64,000 veterans in the South Bay. Since 2009, the HVEHF has provided transitional housing at this site, serving more than 6,000 veterans and being a key linkage to Veterans Affairs, VA, support.

California State Senator Dave Cortese shared, “I am incredibly proud of the County of Santa Clara’s continued commitment to those who served our country through the acquisition of the Homeless Veterans Emergency Housing Facility on Kirk Avenue. Since we opened this facility back in 2009, it has served as a lifeline for thousands of veterans, offering transitional housing and access to VA services. With this acquisition and expansion, we are one step closer to ending veteran homelessness in our County.”

Over the last year 97% of veterans housed have maintained their housing for 12 consecutive months thanks to the supportive environment at the HVEHF. Plus, in the past year, 268 Veterans have been placed in housing, averaging 23 per month, and 133 Veterans were assessed for services for the first time which helped determine their eligibility for other supports.

Supervisor Lee added, “This 4.3 acre site at 10 Kirk Avenue will not only serve as transitional housing for our veterans, but will be renovated and more housing and veteran services will be co-located to serve many more veterans in the near future. They have served our country honorably and it is only right for our County to take care of them in their time of need upon their returning home.”

This purchase affirms the County of Santa Clara’s commitment to supporting veterans and is in concert with additional efforts by the Board of Supervisors including an annual Stand Down event, increased staffing for the County’s Veterans Service Office, and mobile dental services.


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