Diversity and Strength in Display – Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley at the Santa Clara Parade of Champions

There’s hardly anything more American than a Parade of Champions. On Saturday, October 7, 2023 for the first time ever, Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley will happen outdoors on a moving trailer, at the 54th Santa Clara Parade of Champions!
Asian American Stories (AAS) will have our own trailer and float. Diverse Asian American communities will parade in their traditional costumes. AAS Co-Chair Joel Wong will interview Santa Clara Mayor Lisa Gillmor and more.
Come one come all to join us! Wear your traditional costume, the more diverse, the more fun! We’ll walk one mile of fun and song. All of Us Belong Right Here!

All of Us Belong Right Here!
by Joel Wong
April 10, 2022

You belong, I belong,
You and I belong right here.
He belongs, she belongs,
All of Us Belong Right Here!

America’s great ‘cause we’re diverse
We hailed from all corners of our universe!
Some are natives with origins here
Europeans arrived to breathe the free air!

Some were uprooted from Africa
Still urging us to be more fair!
Some came here looking for gold
But ended up working on the railroad!

Some came as laborers on the farms
Others defended our country bearing arms!
From every direction it seems
Each one seeking their own dream!

Together we built our industries
And established great universities!
We live and preach free enterprises
Our financial system is the finest!

We promote prosperity and good health
But squabble over sharing our wealth!
We preach democracy in earnest
Falling short but trying our darnedest!

Our country will not be united
Until we learn to share the credit!
To be fair and equitable
Respecting everyone as our equal

White, black, yellow, red or brown
We all share our human background!
We try hard but we won’t get there,
Until we treat everyone equally and fair!

America can lead the world
We look like every part of our world!
So let’s stay united and be of good cheer
All of us belong right here!

# # #

Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley (CLF) was originally created in 2016 by Ding Ding TV and Civic Leadership USA as a platform for civic engagement and civic leadership across Asian American communities and generations. In 2021 during the COVID pandemic, Ding Ding TV refreshed the CLF with Silicon Valley Community Media, a 501(c)(3).

To date 2,000 elected officials, community leaders, students, and parents have participated in the CLF events. CLF contents reached over 200,000 people in Silicon Valley Bay Area and the U.S.

In addition, Ding Ding TV, Silicon Valley Community Media also created the Asian American Stories Video Essay Contest to tell grassroots stories of Asian American contributions to their communities and society at large, and to bring diverse communities together with information and cultural exchanges. Find out more and participate at:


Parade Venue:
Parking is limited onsite. On street parking is available or at 900 Lafayette street. We will have golf carts for parade participants, sponsors and VIPs.


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