Q&A–2020 Silicon Valley Innovative Products Expo

2020 Silicon Valley Innovative Products Expo

Silicon Valley Innovation Channel Ding Ding TV, together with Founders Space, Acorn Campus presented Silicon Valley Innovative Products Expo. Establishing a platform to facilitate engagement for entrepreneurs, investors, Ecommerce partners, social medias, to showcase brand influence on a global channel.

2020 Expo was hosted online on Oct. 28th 2020 from 7pm (PST), Oct. 29th 10am Asia time.

A live demo and judging event were held on Zoom. The winners were selected by Judges which are investors, industry leaders and Entrepreneur Mentors. videos were live streamed and posted on https://youtube.com/c/DianaDing-DingDingTV and be featured on www.DingDingTV.com , Silicon Valley Innovation Channel’s Newsletters and be promoted on Ding Ding TV social medias.

Distinguished Panel of Chairs and Judges of the Silicon Valley Innovative Products Expo

Gideon Marks, Investor and coach

After years of operational roles in tech companies during which he took 3 companies public and led 4 others to acquisition as a CFO and VP Corporate Development  Gideon started mentoring and advising entrepreneurs during recent years. Gideon mentors at organizations like Google for Startups, Plug and Play, US MAC, 10X Innovation Lab, Mind the Bridge and other organizations. Read more about Gideon Mark

Peter Hsieh, Partner of Acorn Pacific Venture

In his time spent with AsiaVest and Harbinger Ventures, Peter carries a decades-long experience in cross-border investments, executive management, and a charming passion for music. He is a AAMA mentor and serves on the board of the Taiwan Stanford Alumni Association.


Dave Mosby, Entrepreneur, investor, educator expert

Dave Mosby brings thirty-five years of entrepreneurial accomplishment to aspiring next-generation entrepreneurs through his leadership of Keiretsu Forum Academy. The academy delivers unique programs that equip entrepreneurs to accelerate their access to capital, expertise, and other resources they need to grow their businesses. Read more about  Dave Mosby


Ray Wu, Managing Partner of Skychee Venture

Investment and Growth Studio around IoT and AI, seeking best opportunities around the world
More than 20+ years of business and investment experience: Allegro Systems (Acq by Cisco), Relicore (Acq by Symantec), Viacore (Acq by IBM), Local Motion (Acq by Avis), Digital Fountain (Acq by Qualcomm), FPI (IPO in China), Tian Chuang (IPO in China), LianLian Pay (Exit via Amex)

Vicky Yang, Investor, Director of Humming Stone

Has more than 20 years of working experience in the oil industry. She founded PST Service Company, a professional software and data analysis company for the petroleum industry. And the company was sold to listed companies in China in 2013. She has invested in multiple PreIPO projects in China and have achieved good results. In the United States, long-term investment in oilfield assets and high-tech fields. The industries that have already invested are the biopharmaceutical and AI industries. At the same time, participate in a number of public welfare projects, as a tutor for the Siyuan project, for leadership training and consulting for young people.

Craig Martin, Fund Manager & President of The Family Wealth Consulting Group

Martin is President of The Family Wealth Consulting Group in the Silicon Valley offering fee-only financial planning with fiduciary responsibility for accredited families. He is also the managerof the FWCG Opportunity Fund, LPas well as the FWCG Diversified Alternative Income Fund, LP. He has 30 years of experience co-investing with clients in alternatives. Read more about  Craig Martin


Jeff Lin,President, Linking Capital

Jeff served as board director at AAMA , Monte Jade Technology Association and several high tech companies in Silicon Valley. He won Overseas Taiwanese Outstanding Entrepreneur and USA Minority Manufacturer of the year in 1993. He was the Founder and CEO of Asante Technologies from 1992-2010. His company ranked 29th in 1994 among the America’s Fastest Growing Companies 100 companies. He has more than 30 years of experience in managing, investing and mentoring high tech companies in US, China and Taiwan.


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