Dave Mosby

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Perfect Pitch |How to resonate with investors

Entrepreneur, investor, educator expert at equipping entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation centers to accelerate success by resonating with each other..

Dave Mosby brings thirty-five years of entrepreneurial accomplishment to aspiring next-generation entrepreneurs through his leadership of Keiretsu Forum Academy. The academy delivers unique programs that equip entrepreneurs to accelerate their access to capital, expertise, and other resources they need to grow their businesses. His track record of innovation (the first large scale web native management application for amateur sports), collaboration (breakthrough license compliance technology with Software Publishers Association – now SIIA) , and business leadership results (led the 25x market cap growth of a public company in 3 years) has prepared him to bring a fresh vision to equipping the ecosystem of entrepreneurs, investors, and innovation centers.
Dave is a popular speaker and panelist as well as co-author of the highly acclaimed book, The Paradox of Excellence: How Great Performance Can Kill Your Business. Reviews have appeared in Fast Company, EntrepreneurMagazine, Harvard Business Review, Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News and Canada’s Globe and Mail.

Dave leads Keiretsu Forum Academy to marshal faculty resources and programs that equip –

1) entrepreneurs to accelerate their access to capital and other resources their businesses need in order to grow,

2) investors to make more confident investment decisions,

3) and innovation centers to commercialize their innovations.

As a practicing serial entrepreneur, he has pioneered B to B products and services for both creators and consumers of information technology platforms that range from very large scale mainframes, to early mid-range, to personal computing, to Web 0.5 to AJAX, to cloud computing;in industry domains that include military intelligence (very large data analytics), access control security, financial services, global logistics, automated software construction, global software license compliance, and more; roles from software developer to pubic company CEO and public/private company board member.

Throughout his extensive career, he has had the good fortune to help people work with customers, team members, investors, and the communities we have all served, to innovate and bring forth businesses which are highly valued.

CEO, e2i, LLC, Executive Director of Keiretsu Forum Academy, Entrepreneur Advisor
As CEO of both public and private businesses (three of which he founded), he is no stranger to the struggles today’s entrepreneurs face as they strive to grow their businesses. He observed that less that 5% of entrepreneurs that present, actually resonate with the investors they meet. After seeing hundreds of entrepreneurs, that actually had promising investment opportunities, fail to get traction with investors, he partnered with Randy Williams, founder of Keiretsu Forum (the world’s largest angel investor network) to start and grow Keiretsu Forum Academy, LLC.


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