Youth ” I Love My Community” Video News Competition


The First Youth “I love my Community” Video News Competition 2020 is a very unusual year for our country and for everyone one of us, an economic disaster on top of a health pandemic. Many of us cannot go to work or attend school and over one-quarter of a million of our citizens have lost their lives. During this difficult time, we want to inspire and uplift each other with messages of love and hope, encourage our next generations to tell stories of extraordinary acts of love, and share their love and devotion for our community through video essays. Ding Ding TV (Silicon Valley Innovation Channel and Voice of Asian Americans) together with BayArea Youth Initiative and community partners are hosting the “I Love our Community” Video News Competition to bring the stories of love and inspiration to our community and simultaneously acknowledge and honor our next-generation creators. The first 10 entrants will each receive a gift from Ding Ding TV. Submit your presentation to Click me to submit!

Organizer: Silicon Valley Innovation Channel – Ding Ding TV BayArea Youth Initiative

Co-Host: CLUSA,  National Asian American United,  Bilingual Youth TV,  APAPA, Galaxy art for children, Able2Shine,  Chunhui Art School, Youth For Change

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Judges & Chairs:


Kindness is a choice by Grace Wu

Super Joey Foundation: Love will Never Fade! by Sophia Shao

BRI–Connecting Communities with Love by BRI Youth

Unity Makes Community by Sunny Huang and Alex Xu

A Different Angle by Ethan Cheng

Fighting Against the Virus (抗疫)by Michelle Ahl

Our Love by Michelle Ahl

Bring Joy with Music by Etta Sou

Hope despite despair by Alex Li

Preetal Deshpande’s Love for Community

Helping the Community in a Time of Covid by Cassie Chen

Keeping People Safe In a Harsh Lockdown by Faye Lin

I love my local community–Pleasanton by Keven Ye

Our Thanksgiving Performance gets to my local Community by Justin Qian and Chongfan An

Coronavirus Outbreak at Andover Assisted Living Facility by Jonathan Xiao

The Love of Lasting Relationships and Education by Ellen Zhang

I Love San Leandro by Alvin

Youth4Good We love our community! by Brandon Bao and Ethan Tang

Shine4Love Senior Center Show by Alicia Peng

Story about a foster cat and my cat by Jiayi

Shine4Love Teens Teaching Online Classes by Angela Wang

Youth ” I Love My Community” Video News Competition

Front Liners at Work: Rachel Chen by Dennis Han

Giving Back to the Homeless: Paul Thai by Emily Zhang

How seniors think and plan for Christmas celebration in the pandemic by Hailey Zhao

I love my Community – Education Everywhere by Ankit Lakkapragada

Every Community Makes a difference – Small or Big by Adhya Kasamsetty

Nebraska Children’s Hospital Interview With Miss Lisa Gulseth by Misty Yang

United We Stand by Caitlin Cheng

We Will Push Harder by Christine Han