Hung Wei

Hung Wei was born and raised in Taiwan. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from National Taiwan University majoring in Foreign Languages and Literature.  Hung went to study at UCLA in 1979 and earned a Master’s degree in Teaching English as a Second Language. After graduating from UCLA, she moved to the Bay Area with her husband Ta-Wei Chien in 1981, residing first in West San Jose, then moving into Cupertino in 1990. Hung enjoys many activities in life.  She loves to read, watch old TV series, play mah-jong and bridge with friends, make hand-strung jewelry, and tries to golf as much as her schedule allows.

Proven Leadership

With 11 years of public service and 20+ years of community involvement, Hung has proven to be an effective leader, listening to all perspectives, communicating with compassion, making policies that are fair to all concerned, while at the same time, she has the courage to make positive changes. The following are just some of the accomplishments during her tenure as a Trustee at Fremont Union High School District:

1) Developed respectful and collaborative relationship with all three unions

2) Maintained profit-sharing model to ensure fair distribution of resources

3) Ensured fiscal health of the District through financial crisis with no cuts or layoffs

4) Added lighting to athletic fields at Homestead, Lynbrook, and Monta Vista High Schools to enhance student outdoor learning experiences

5) Resolved a highly contentious issue of Lynbrook High School declining enrollment by establishing a district-wide Citizens Advisory Committee

6) Developed Professional Learning Community among subject- alike teachers

7) Starting Fall 2018, successfully implemented a district-wide late start time at 8am for the benefit of student well-being

8) Engaged a responsible and respectful approach to the curricular requirement for Sex Education that included parent input and parent education

9) Oversaw a highly successful and fiscally responsible bond effort that built and updated school facilities in all five high schools.

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The following is a letter from Hung Wei

Dear Friend,

First I’d like to send you and your family my best regards. I hope you are staying healthy, safe, and active during this challenging and uncertain time.  We will move forward through this global pandemic by working together and doing our part to support our neighbors.

In this time of crisis and beyond, we need City Council members who have the innovative ideas and experience to get things done for the residents of our community. Our city is filled with great promise and great challenges. Fiscal health, public safety, and a lack of housing are all critical issues that must be addressed by our leaders.

With that said, I’m excited to announce that I am running for Cupertino City Council this November and I am asking for your support. Here is my commitment to you:

 Good Governance and Fiscal Responsibility:  Responsibly use city resources to provide excellent services for residents.

  Maintaining our Suburban Neighborhood Integrity:  Provide housing solutions for seniors, teachers, and moderate-income families while strategically navigating state housing laws.

 Environmental Leadership: Make Cupertino sustainable by implementing transportation strategies to reduce traffic and emissions while promoting clean water and air.

I have the values, experience, and commitment to solve our challenges.  Will you join me? I will work with you to make Cupertino a fiscally sound, innovative, and environmentally friendly City!

If you have circles of friends that live in Cupertino, please forward this short message with the attached information – I can use all the help you and your friends can provide, as there is heavy negative campaigning out here. Cupertino does not need negative campaigns so I will not resort to the same negative tactics. I do need your help to get the positive words out.  Thanks again.
Cupertino City Council campaign is heating up and Hung Wei is looking for some extra help. During this COVID Shelter in Place time, she is depending on our circle of supporters to reach out to our circle of family/friends to get the words out. Currently, Hung is looking for the following support
1) Yard Sign Support – could you please ask your family/friends in Cupertino if they will host a yard sign at their place? Hung has two teams of Yard Sign Installation Volunteers that will go out and put up a yard sign. You just need to collect their addresses and email to hungweichien@gmail.com and let them know that a yard sign will be installed soon – no work for them. 
2) Please invite your family/friends to visit www.HungWei.org  Hung Wei has ZOOM Meet and Greets regularly if they are interested in the topics.  If they want to know details on Vallco, the presentation is on the website and she will be happy to arrange a ZOOM Presentation upon request too. 
3) If your family/friends are able, please ask them to make a contribution.  Hung is looking for small contributions ($10, $25 helps) from residents to show broad support from the community. Thanks!
Attached are endorsements that Hung Wei has received showing that she is resident-focused with local, reginal, and environmental leadership. Hung will be very honored to receive support and vote of confidence from your circle of family/friends. Please vote for #5 Hung Wei for Cupertino City Council. Thanks
If you are interested in volunteering your time to our campaign, please sign up here:     Volunteer
You can mail a check payable to “Hung Wei for Cupertino City Council 2020”. Please list your name, address, occupation/employer (if you are currently employed), and mail to:Mostly importantly, if you are willing and able to support our campaign with a contribution, please donate online and click here:  Donate

Hung Wei, 10969 Maria Rosa Way, Cupertino, CA 95014-4719If you would like to endorse our campaign, please send me an email at hungweichien@gmail.com. Please list a preferred Title if you have one. I’d be honored if you’d like to provide a Quote to add to the Campaign Website.

Together, we can make a difference in our community. I humbly ask for your support and your vote on November 3, 2020.
Best regards,

Hung Wei


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