Sandy Wang

Executive Chair, ” I Love My Community” Youth Video News Competition

Chair of  Partners, “In Time of  COVID19″ Video Competition

COO of Ding Ding TV

Vice President of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival (SVEF)

Chair of Jiangsu Association of California

Chair of US China Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley

Sandy Wang is chief operating officer of Ding Ding TV and senior executive vice president of SVEF.  Sandy held multiple  management roles over 9 years in Ding Ding TV. She is also the co-producer and host of “Silicon Valley Story” that won the Best New Media Video of 2012 from NCCMA.

She has more than 23 years experience in management, operation and marketing sector of China, Canada and United States.

Sandy Wang is actively involved with non-profit organizations and charities. She also serves as a chair of US China Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley and Jiangsu Association of California.



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