Saratoga#StopAsianHate​. DingDingTV youth reporters, 7 BAYouth students Interviewed more than 20 people on site

 DingDingTV Youth reporters, 7 BAYouth students interviewed more than 20 people during the Saratoga#StopAsianHate rally, including Saratoga mayor Yan Zhao, Santa Clara supervisor Joe Simitian, Deputy Salee of Santa Clara County Sheriff Office, CUSD and FUHSD school board members Jerry Liu, Satheesh Madhathil and Rosa Kim, along with other community members.

We hope to bring together the youth voice in unifying the community. In attendance were 7 student reporters who wished to show their support to the AAPI community and make a difference. After hearing the inspiring speeches from many passionate community leaders, our youths were empowered and encouraged to be upstanders rather than bystanders. The fight against discrimination is not an easy one, but it is a fight that today’s younger generation can help with too.




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