A violent attack against an Asian man aboard a Brooklyn subway train, A discussion was held on Clubhouse

(The above video is from #CNBC #CNBCTV Youtube Channel)

A violent attack against an Asian-American man aboard a Brooklyn subway train was posted on social media on Monday, Mar. 29th.

The brutal beating of the man was caught on camera aboard a Manhattan-bound J train. In the video, punches fly between two men. Eventually, the other man is seen repeatedly striking the Asian man before choking him.

The video ends with the Asian man passing out and the other man walking off the train at the Kosciuszko Street Station.

No one tried to stop the assault, but multiple straphangers yelled out for the assailant to stop.

A discussion was held on Clubhouse in the afternoon. Organized by a group of Chinese Americans. over 600 people joined the discussion.

Discussion including:

How to protect yourself as an AsianWhat is the most effective way to stop crime?
Saving your life while saving others, what you should do?
How to fight back with allies? Where can you get help?
How can you report the hate crime?

The contradiction between two minorities (Chinese Hate? Asian Hate)
From the standpoint of blacks, can we think about targeted solutions to blacks attacking Asians?
Can Political Correctness be an effective weapon for Asians?

What we Asians can do to prevent hate crimes:
Coming out to vote and supporting elected officials who can really represent us;
Reporting any hate crimes, video taping, calling police, asking for help. Speaking to medias and tell our stories;
Be the volunteers in community; Working with other ethnic groups to stop Asian Hate Crime





(具体新闻报道search for NYC subway attack


上升到黑人对其锁喉 持续10




A) 作为亚裔如何保护自己的

long term以及short term

short term现场最有效物理制止办法(被害人角度和旁观者角度)


  • 利用枪械,pepper spraystun gun作为武器
  • 学习短期内有效的防身技能(武术,搏击类)


  • 激烈状态下,被害者也可以在语言上做出求助示弱或者引导信号
  • 如果是知道对方目的是钱财,保全自己放在第一位
  • follow-up 记住攻击者的特征容貌方便报警
  • 利用身边的物品进行还击


  • 大声叫喊表示已经报警了
  • 如果体格允许,隔开两个人
  • 如果情况允许,可以拉上身边的人前去干涉
  • 如果有对应的知识,去对受害者进行处理

long term未来能做的

  • 外出尽量多人同行或者预先规划
  • 更多亚裔在竞选投票上发声,有资源的利用资源进行捐助或者社会活动
  • 亚裔要勇于在社交媒体上的发声
  • 身边准备small cash
  • 去警察局看有无VIPcitizen AcademyCERT
  • 询问警察Ride along或者青年预备役来buildup自己的身体、体力

B) 两个minority间的矛盾(Chinese Hate? Asian Hate

  • 需要与更大的团体连接(Korean/Indian/etc.
  • 不要冷漠 亚裔团结
  • local交流和在英文圈参与
  • 站在黑人立场上能否对黑人袭击亚裔思考针对性的解决办法
  • Political Correctness是否可以作为亚裔的有效武器


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