Why Gautam Barve is running for Santa Clara City Council?

A Passionate engineer decided serve community as an elected official. Gautam Barve told us why he is running for Santa Clara City Council:
Dear Friends, 
My name is Gautam Barve and I’m running for city council in Santa Clara District 6. 
We need bold positive leadership and the right political will in Santa Clara to transform our city from a budget deficit crises to a budget surplus situation. I share my thoughts about how we can achieve this economic recovery in our city, what inspired me to run, the current 2020 city council race, and the opposition I’m facing. 
If you like my video, or if you have questions then please do let me know by visiting www.barve4santaclara.com or through my Twitter @BarveGautam and Instagram gautam_for_santaclara. My Facebook Page is https://fb.me/barveforsantaclara 
Thank you for your support, 
Gautam Barve
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