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Jerry Song

Jerry is a Silicon Valley entrepreneur and the Founder/CEO of Lingolet, Inc., an AI-based language service solution.

The son of civil engineers, Jerry grew up in Tianjin, China. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Nankai University, China and worked in Beijing for five years. In the late 1990s, Jerry moved to Houston, Texas and earned his Master’s Degree from the University of Houston.

In 2010, Jerry joined PacketTrap, the network-monitoring division of Quest Software, where he became a senior manager and created its R&D engineering team in Zhuhai, China. The Quest was later acquired by Dell Software in 2013.

In the following years, he co-founded and successfully exited two startups where he leads the R&D teams and managed product development efforts.

Jerry enjoys running and traveling in his rare spare time. He frequently prepares for marathons and always strives to improve his running times. On weekend mornings, you can find Jerry running in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco.


About Lingolet

Lingolet, Inc. (https://www.lingolet.com ) is a Silicon Valley based technology company develops and markets technological advanced language solutions for consumers and businesses.

Built on artificial intelligence, machine learning, cloud computing, voice transcription, and block-chain technologies, the Lingolet solution offers machine based interpretation and connects dedicated life human interpreters for advanced professional language services.

Lingolet utilizes the modern technologies to transform language interpretation services, ultimately to maximize human potentials. With Lingolet you can communicate in any language at any time.

The Lingolet product offering includes smart interpretation device – Lingolet ONE (currently shipping), Lingolet PRO (in Beta) and the cloud-based Lingolet Admin Portal (in Beta).

For more info contact –

Public Relations

Lingolet, Inc.

4633 Old Ironsides Drive, #230

Santa Clara, CA 95054

Tel. +1.415.343.5588


Lingolet ONE



Lingolet on CES 2020





Lingolet at Silicon Valley Innovation Channel


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