Silicon Valley Community Media – Ding Ding TV’s Non-profit extention

Silicon Valley Community Media



  • Media to Empower and Unify AAPI & Ethnic leaders


  • Use media and communication to tell the stories and bridge the Asian Americans, and ethnic communities in the United States

1. Work with film makers & media professionals telling Asian American stories to People in American and beyond.

2. Promoting AAPI Leaders through contents creation and distribution.

3. Unify civic leaders and ethnic groups with events and media resources

(We do this by funding, producing, distributing, and exhibiting
in film, digital media, and television)


Projects & Activities:

1.Quarterly or monthly Civic Leadership Forum – Dialogue between Communities Series Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley — Dialogue between the communities.
Empower and Connecting Asian Americans, Inspiring the next generation
We hope through the honest discussion that bridges the gap of ignorance and builds greater understanding for lasting solidarity, making America, our home, a better and safer place for multicultural unity –to live together as one community.

  1. Annual “Asian American Heroes” documentary movie competition for independent journalists and movie makers. Telling the stories of AAPI’s contribution and leadership to the United States, identify and recognizing professional content creators and Key Opinion Leaders.

3.Producing documentary movies telling Asian Americans stories, delver the message: Asians are willing to contribute, and can lead. (Once a year)

4.Working with AAPI Civic Leaders, interview and producing online videos weekly

5.Weekly Newsletter Asian American Events & News, daily Social Media Marketing & Promotion Service.

Media Services & Products

  • Videos, Article & Photo Creation
  • Event & Marketing
  • Promotion & Distribution
1.Personal Branding Interview &  editing

2.30 seconds video Ads producing

3.Highlight Trailer creation

4.Articles writing by professional

5.Documentary Movie

6.Photo shooting

1.Promoting: Retargeting ads or booster on FB. YouTube marketing.

2.Design flyer and social media graphic.

3.Moderate the event

4.Video coverage & Trailer creation

5.Event Venue, planning & organizing

1.Publishing articles to 200+ online mainstream medias.

2.Post content on Youtube,  Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram.

3.Deliver contents through weekly  Newsletter


Ding Ding TV’s Long history and Unique position serving Asian Americans

Produced & Distributed thousands of content in both English and Chinese for 10+ years.

Ding Ding TV studio has been a community events center since 2011, hosted 80+ events 4000 attendees @ studio each year.  Connecting community leaders and building allyship are our strengths.

Hundreds of  Events: We started Silicon Valley Food and Art Festival in 2012, Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Festival and Civic Leadership Forum in 2016. Asian American Network and Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs Club on Clubhouse. Attracted 20,000 attendees, Partnered with over 800 AAPI organizations and groups.

Dian Weiping Ding is the Founder & CEO of Ding Ding TV, Chairwoman of Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Festival, Silicon Valley Food & Art Festival, Silicon Valley Business Forum, Producer of Civic Leadership Forum Silicon Valley. Diana Ding has been awarded as Asian American Hero by Santa Clara County.  She has been serving in Cupertino Rotary Club since 2010, serves as the board member of Silicon Valley Central Chamber of Commerce since 2013, Diana has 25+ years of management experience in High tech and media companies, 15+ years of producers, publisher, director, and host

Sandy Ying Wang is COO of Ding Ding TV and VP of SVEF.  Sandy held multiple management roles over 11 years in Ding Ding TV. She has more than 25 years of experience in the management, operation, and marketing sectors in China, Canada, and United States. Sandy Wang serves as a chair of the US-China Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley and Jiangsu Association of California.

We have serving community for 13+ years, received many Awards: (https://www.linkedin.com/in/dianading/details/certifications/)

2600+ videos on YouTube:
12,000+ followers on Facebook:
18,000+ followers on LinkedIn:
30,000+ subscribers and members on WeChat:

1400 followers on
4000+ members on Clubhouse:
KMVT local TV: https://www.youtube.com/user/KMVT/search?query=Innovation%20Dialog
672 weekly newsletters delivered to 30,000+ subscribers.



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